How to vote for Svetlana Vinnikova Muaythai as IWGA Athlete of the Year 2018

World Champion Svetlana Vinnikova is nominated to compete for IWGA Athlete of the Year 2018 – read on to see how you can vote for Muaythai!

1. Go to The World Games website: Online Voting for Athlete of the Year IWGA

2. Find Muaythai and a photo of Svetlana Vinnikova  – it’s blue!

3. Click on Vote.

4. Repeat every day in January! Register there to vote twice a day if you like … and that’s it.

There are 25 sports competing for this prestigious title, and everyone wants to win.

Some Svetlana Facts:

  • She is twice a World Champion with IFMA at 63.5kg; in 2018 and 2017.
  • She won gold at The World Games 2017 … at 60kg.
  • She is European champion at 63.5kg , two times.
  • She is Female Martial Artist of the Year in Russia for this year.
  • Svetlana is also a Muaythai coach  – 100% Muaythai.
  • Her sister Ekaterina Vinnikova is also a Muaythai champion!

Svetlana says: “Muaythai is my life. I can’t imagine my life without Muaythai. People ask me what hobbies I have. And when I think about it, it’s simple – training, eating and competing.”

Follow Svetlana Vinnikova on Instagram to see her training regime in Moscow and in Thailand!  @svetlanni

Watch Svetlana Vinnikova’s Muaythai bouts on the IFMA Youtube Channel

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We need to vote every day in January, so get ready!