A Thrilling Day of Semi-Finals on the Penultimate Day of the 30th SEA Games

Day 4 of the combat muaythai event at the 30th SEA Games saw all the semi-final bouts to seal the bout list for tomorrow’s finals. It was full house as fans filled the stands to support their favourites.

The first bout saw Singsavath (LAO) vs Hoang (VIE) in the 45Kg Men’s division. Vietnam dominated in the first round landing some good punches on target. Round two kicked the match into higher gear with both fighters fuelling it up to the roars of the excited fans. Laos amped it up more than his opponent to take the round for a tie. With it all on the line in round 3, it was all or nothing. Singsavath putting Hoang to the mat with a minute to go, taking the win to move on in tomorrow’s finals.

In the first semi-final of the Men’s 48Kg division it was Naruephon Chitra from (THA) against Koemrieng Him (CAM). Round one was a leggy dance with kicks flying back and forth. Chitra showing more dominance and strength to take the round. Koemrieng came back with  a new found vengeance in round two but the Thai put him to the mat with a well timed low kick.

After 3 rounds of beautiful technique and strong wills, it was Thailand’s Naruepon to secure the spot in the deciding bout tomorrow.

Thailand’s gold medal hopeful Sakchai Chamchit faced off with Malaysia’s Reidzwan Norsyahmie Daud in the 54Kg division. Sakchai with text-book technique and pure power taking Reidzwan to the mat with a minute to go in the first round, coming up again only to be put down again 30 seconds later with a body shot ending leading to a ten count, to conclude the match in a first round KO. Sakchai securing his chance to fight for the number one spot tomorrow.

The first men’s 57Kg division semi-final of the line up saw Long Doan Nguyen from Vietnam going toe to toe with M.Vicky Muchlis Radjiloen from Indonesia. Nguyen setting the tone of the match from the first bell with powerful kicks. Vietnam continued dominating the round to take it 5-0. Vietnam ticked all the boxes of strength, precision and technique in round two, but the Indonesian was still all smiles and ready to give it his all in the third. All the trying was just not enough, giving the win to Vietnam moving on to the final.

The next bout saw Thailand’s Norapat Khundam face off with Chetra Lao from Cambodia in an all our rumble in the ring. A beautiful dance of top techniques from both corners. Both fighters with similar height and body type, well matched also in tempo and temperament, round one was hard to decide, and judges were torn 3-2. Thailand had the edge in round 2 to take the round in a clear 5-0. After 3 nail biting rounds of muaythai mastery, it was Norapat to lock in the victory.

The first women’s semi-final of the day was in the 45Kg division. Thailand’s Ketmanee Chasing was declared the winner by walk-over due to an injured Phouthasone Keosayavong from Laos, unable to continue in the day’s competition.

One of the highlight matches was between Bui Yen Ly from Vietnam facing off with Lena Tan from Singapore in the women’s 54Kg division. Both testing the waters in the first round with some thunderous kicks from Yen Ly giving her the round 5-0. Lena trying to close the gap in the second round but to no avail and another round went to Vietnam. As always, Bui Yen Ly delivers are beautiful display of graceful skill and strength and advances to the finals.

As the first Philippines match was announced, there was a clear crescendo in the decibel level of the packed stadium. All fans were on deck to cheer for home boy Alexis Mayag in his match against Malaysia’s Zulhilmi Rosli in the last men’s 48Kg semi-final. Rosli taking the fight to Alexis putting the home boy on the defense winning the round 3-2. Alexis burst into action in the second round to the uproarious cheers of the fans, but couldn’t do enough to convince the judges. After a somewhat sloppy round, the points went to Malaysia 4-1. Philippines fought to come back hard in the third, but started to look tired with a minute to go. After an intense 3 rounds, it was Rosli who convinced the judges, and Malaysia advancing to tomorrow’s finals to face Naruephon Chitra from Thailand.

Next up was the second semi-final in the Men’s 54Kg division which saw Cambodian Voeum Vann touch gloves with Filipino Ariel Lee Lampacan. The first round was a careful game of chess, Ariel executing some swift hits on target to put the Cambodian down to the mat. The second round saw Vann fire it up, but Ariel managed to keep his calm composure and was able to invite his opponent to the mat once again. Both rounds going to the Philippines 5-0. Both athletes exploded with TNT into the final round as they battled it out for the chance to stay in the competition, the Cambodian clearly looking for a way to knock out the home boy with some vigorous elbows. After 3 rounds of no-holds-bar action, it was Ariel’s hand raised and declared the victor. A wonderful display of respect towards one another after the final bell.

Ariel will meet Thailand’s Sakchai Chamchit in what is sure to be another dynamite fight for gold.

The next Men’s 57Kg semi-final had the fans on their feet, as Philippines’ Philip Delarmino faced off with Kay Ketnouvong of Laos. Delarmino was able to establish his dominance in the first round and took it hands down. Ear shattering screams from the entire stadium as Philip put his opponent to the mat with an explosive push kick at the top of the second round. All out action followed making for a high octane battle of wills, and it was Philippines taking the round yet again 5-0. Both athletes putting on quite the show in the final round to the delight of the crowd with spinning back kicks and flying knees. To the uproarious cheers of the crowd, Delarmino swept up the win 30-27 and advanced to the finals.

In the women’s 54Kg division, it was home girl Jenelyn Olsim against Malaysian Nur Amisha Azrilrizal. Jenelyn putting her opponent on the ropes to deliver a barrage of strikes and elbows followed up by a swift take down to the mat in the first round to take it 5-0.  Philippines maintained dominance and forward motion in the second giving Nur Amisha an 8 count to take yet another round to the vocal support of the fans. Nur Amisha fought hard in the last minute of the round, but fell short of Jenelyn’s superior skills. After the final bell, it was Jenelyn Olsim to secure her onward journey on the road to glory.

Indonesia’s Irvan Aji Maulana Putra faced off with Ryan Jakiri of the Philippines in their first bout of the tournament in the 63.5Kg division. The bout kicked off with swift, clean, snappy strikes from both sides. Ryan kept it going with an arsenal of punches to the head finishing off his opponent with some razor sharp elbow strikes taking the win at just over 1 minute to go in the first round by RSCH. The crowd went wild as Jakiri was declared the victor to move on to tomorrow’s line up unscathed.

The second to last bout of the evening saw Mohammad Rifdean Masdor going head to head with Local boy Kim Robert Miranda in the Men’s 45Kg division. It was explosive action from the first bell, at just 17 years of age, Masdor a force to be reckoned with, putting the Filipino to an 8 count not, once, but twice in the first round. Miranda was no match for the natural talent, skill and technique of Masdor who was declared winner by an RSCO by the referee mid-way through round two. Masdor moves on to face Singsavath of Laos in the finals.

The final battle of the evening was the last semi-final in the women’s 45Kg division with Islay Erika Bomogao from Philippines fighting it out with Irsalina of Indonesia. In a fierce and feisty combat, Erika brought her A-Game to to the strong support of the home crowd and took the first round 5-0. With a pep talk from her corner, Isralina came back even feistier at the top of the second round, both ladies proving the good things indeed come in small packages. Isralina fell short and only managed to convince one of the five judges to go her way.

The final round was an all out brawl, Isralina trying to catch up, with a great effort but fell short by just one point and the home girl Erika takes the win by 29-28, prevailing to vie for Gold in tomorrow’s finals against Thailand’s Ketmanee Chasing. Tomorrow promises to be racked with top class action. Stay tuned to the IFMA Facebook Live from 3 PM local time!!

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