AC2019 – The Host Nation Announces the Male Team

UAE National Muaythai team is showing one of the fastest progress in IFMA climbing to the top of the Asian Muaythai. UAE athletes make ever stronger competition to the IFMA champions and its youth eagerly absorbs Muaythai skills from its older team mates and rivals at the international events.

In two weeks the Emirates athletes will host Asian champions in Abu Dhabi for the main Muaythai event in Asia – Asian Muaythai Championships and the local crowd will have its first chance to show their full support for the national team.

One of the most experienced athletes in the team Nouredine Samir will lead the team by example of his achievements in Mexico where he became the second best in the Competitive division 67 kg, and recent triumph at the Arafura Games where he upset the Australian crowd winning the local athlete in the final.

The heavyweight iLyass Hbibali celebrated the gold medal in his first appearance in the IFMA events and will debut in the Elite class at his home Asian Championships to challenge Asian best athletes in the 81 kg division.

Zakaria Eljamari got an invaluable experience at the Arafura Games facing one of the IFMA champions Almaz Sarsembekov (KAZ). This year Zakaria will have a chance to continue the stand off with the strong Kazakh. Having the advantage of the local crowd Zakaria will have good chances to put Almaz in troubles.

The young Salem Maqram (Junior 14 -15 Male Youth -63.5kg) is one of the hopes of UAE for gold at the Asian Muaythai Championships. His silver medal was a stunning achievement at the Youth World’s in Turkey where in a very close fight he lost to the Russian Egor Shishkov. In the absence of the Russian team Salem is one of the favourites for gold in Abu Dhabi.

The UAE team will definitely have a lot of attention from the spectators, media and sports authorities in UAE and their achievements will write history of the UAE martial arts.

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