IFMA’s Female Commission Re-Branded & Updated to the Gender Equality Commission

Launch of the newly rebranded commission logo. The Commission Chair Sue Glassey talks about the work that has been done and the vision for the future direction of the commission.

The Female Commission has been tirelessly working to improve the participation numbers and conditions of play for all female muaythai athletes around the world. We have been working side by side within IFMA to ensure the growth of our sport and to drive equality within our sport.  Some of our accomplishments include the change in traditional uniform to be more inclusive of all religions and cultures. Increased safety and safety equipment for all our female competitors. Equality for medal ceremonies, inclusion in the top team rankings, equal distribution and inclusion in the use of rings which directly related to media coverage and recognition. Improved status for female referees and judges. The promotion of women into governorship positions within the administration, Executive, and Commissions of the IFMA and its’ Member Federations’ Boards and Bodies. Going forward we wish to improve the numbers of female referees and coaches so that we can strive to attain parity in numbers in these positions as well. We achieved this for our athletes now we need to drive this for our officials and our governorship positions.

After a very successful TEN years, and with the global changes to how we define gender, the Female Commission has expanded to become the Gender Equality Commission. This means that we will not only fight for the rights of our female athletes, officials, administration, governorships, and stakeholders, we will seek ways to address the rights of all genders within the sport of muaythai. There is much work to do in this area as our sport is a gendered sport and therefore, we must be careful to ensure all playing fields remain fair and inclusive. It is only because of the support from our dear President, Dr Sakchye; Secretary General, Stephan Fox; Director, Charissa Tynan; the IFMA Executive Board; the IFMA HQ; the administration office; and of course, all our National Federations and their Female Commissions. Thank you all!

It is with great pleasure that we would like to launch the new logo of our renamed Gender Equality Commission (GEC). We expect that all current Female Commissions through our all our National Federations will follow suit and make the change from FC to GEC over the next 12 months. This next TEN years will bring a new wave of growth as we continue to develop and strive for EQUALITY for all, alongside all our stakeholders. One World, One Muaythai.

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