IFMA Athletes’ Commission: Big Year Ahead

The IFMA Athletes’ Commission has been one of the most important bodies in the IFMA structure working closely with the Executive Board and liaising between the executives and athletes in and out of the competition.
The Chairperson of the Commission Ms. Janice Lyn became a true ambassador taking her role at the field of play to motivate young athletes to go to their first battle, and showing presence for athletes at the IFMA Executive Board meetings making sure that all the questions asked at the field of play are heard in the conference rooms.

IFMA Athletes Commission has been an integral part of each point in organisation of competitions giving important input in the field of play set up starting from the athletes entrance finishing with the doping control. IFMA international conferences has become one of the integral parts of Athletes’ Commission activities forming the agenda and bringing the most important question to the surface of the IFMA structure.

Female empowerment stands in the forefront of Athletes’ Commission tasks and 2019 was a historical year when Ms. Lyn travelled to Saudi Arabia to conduct the first ever Muaythai seminar for women. “Using Muaythai to bring sport to the societies with limited access to sport is one of the obligation of each athlete who becomes a role model in his or her country”, said Ms. Lyn in the exclusive interview to IFMA Media.

The year 2020 for the IFMA agenda has an increased athlete representation in each aspect, giving them a glimpse of the opportunities sport can provide beyond competition.

Athletes’ Commission meetings became one of the important events in IFMA calendar with Ms. Lyn reporting to the IFMA Board and setting the direction for many projects and policies.

IFMA will continue to empower athletes by involving them into decision making, widening the circles of athletes in discussions and conferences and to learn from them on the important matters in sport.

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