IFMA Celebrates National Teacher’s Day (Thailand)

On the occasion of 16 January, schools, gyms and universities across the Kingdom of Thailand celebrate in ceremonial tradition for the annual National Teacher’s Day. The holiday in Thai society, is considered an important one, where students of all walks pay their respects to elders and teachers—in the highest regard.

“Wan kru”, which means ‘Teacher’s Day’, extends particularly into Muaythai gyms. “Education and honoring our trainers and teachers, play an important role in Muaythai. This is why Muaythai is unique and why particularly the pre-bout ritual of ‘Wai Kru’ exists, in which athletes express their respect and gratitude to teachers, and ask for their blessings”, said IFMA Director Charissa Tynan.

President of IFMA Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, also shared a few words on the special occasion noting that, “Our Ajarns are the heart and soul of Muaythai. It is their wisdom and knowledge, that has been learnt and passed on from generation to generation. Without them, the ancient traditions, would be lost. There would be no athletes, no referees or judges practicing Muaythai. So on a special occasion like today, on behalf of IFMA, it’s important we honor our Ajarns around the world for their contribution. We should be proud as to how far Muaythai has travelled; we have champions all across the world now”.

IFMA wishes to extend appreciation to all Ajarns, coaches and trainers on this day. Happy National Teacher’s Day! (Thailand)

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