Muaythai Makes it to The Olympic Channel

The Asian Muaythai Championships 2019 Abu Dhabi will stay in the IFMA history as the first Muaythai event ever to be featured on the Olympic Channel.

For the first time in history, IFMA makes history broadcasting LIVE on the Olympic Channel.

The six days of the Asian Muaythai Championships in Abu Dhabi were telecasted live on the Olympic Channel giving the honour to athletes by being featured on the highest sports authority. It was a highlight moment witnessing the young Muaythai athletes sharing the news with their family and friends from all across Asia as they tuned in LIVE to watch the daily bouts. Balkrishna, head coach of team India said, “This was an incredible opportunity for our athletes to be telecasted LIVE. All of our family, friends and even our gyms from all across India tuned in to support our athletes. We are all so proud of them“.

IFMA Director Charissa Tynan said, “With this being a first, it certainly was an important step forward for Muaythai, showcasing to the world what our athletes around the world are capable of. It was more than just a sporting event, but also an opportunity for the world to learn more about the ancient cultural and traditional aspects of Muaythai which make our sport so special”.

It was a pleasure for spectators to see the top athletes in the ring who performed the traditional Wai Kru ritual before finishing the bout with a hug of friendship, all in the name of the Olympic values and spirit. All athletes demonstrated the highest level of athleticism in the field of play, showcasing to the world of sports, for the very first time on the Olympic Channel, what Muaythai is all about. This was the IFMA final event of 2019 and a memorable moment for all Asian national teams.

2020 is an important year for Muaythai as the direct qualifiers will decide who will book a spot at the upcoming multi sports events. Stay tuned to watch them live on IFMA media.

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