The Athletes’ Declaration

The Athletes’ Rights and Responsibilities Declaration

On October 9, 2018 a declaration shaped by 4292 elite athletes from 190 countries and over 120 sports disciplines was introduced to the public. The document has been referenced by the Olympic Charter which highlights its relevance in the Olympic movement.

The Declaration consists of three parts: the Preamble, Athletes’ Rights and Athletes’ Responsibilities. This important document was inspired by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The objective of the declaration is to guide the Olympic Movement’s actions and empower athletes to use their voice and be leaders and role models for generations to come.

At the IFMA Asian Championships in Macau in December 2018, the athletes of Asia adopted this declaration at the Asian Championships’ Athletes Conference. At the World Championships in Bangkok 2019, this important document will be presented to the Athletes of all 5 continents and the declaration will be fully adopted by all IFMA athletes.

Please view the downloadable link to The Athletes’ Declaration and the video below.