AGM of the European Muaythai Federation during European Championships

2510 EC Croatia EMF meeting group shot

The annual general meeting of the EMF took place on Day Two of the European Championships, a lively discussion with many plans to make for the future of our sport. Read More

Day Two at the EMF European Championships


Germany gets blocked by Czech Republic

Day Two on October 25th saw such a high standard of competition that the national TV station in Croatia extended its coverage by two hours.

Male and female athletes battled it out in 28 intense bouts across two rings for the afternoon and into the early evening.
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Day One at the EMF European Championships

2510 EC Croatia w fight referee Latvia Teams Russia Finland

Russia and Finland await their fate!

The opening day of competition in Split, Croatia on October 24th saw some 29 great bouts in two rings including women and men.  After the emotion of the opening ceremony it was time to get down to business. Read More

The World Games Hansel and Gretel visit Split

EC2016 Croatia HG standing w soldiers

Hansel and Gretel, mascots of the World Games visited the sights in the ancient city of Split in Croatia. They enjoyed a beautiful walk and even met with some Roman soldiers. Read More

Opening Ceremony EMF European Championships 2016

EC2016 OC PicMonkey Collage

Athletes and teams received a warm Croatian welcome at the Opening Ceremony of the IFMA/EMF European Championships 2016 on Sunday.

Split, one of the oldest cities in Europe with Ancient Roman ruins making up the city centre, has really opened its heart to muaythai. This championship is the culmination of months of training for the athletes. And with eleven spots at the World Games 2017 up for grabs as well as the glory of winning a medal for their countries, the competition is sure to be intense. Read More

Teams have arrived in Split, Croatia for the European Championships!

TeamsTeams have arrived in Split, Croatia for the European Championships!

Representatives from 34 countries have gathered in beautiful, historic Split for this week-long event. Gripe Stadium in the centre of the city will be the focus for the athletes and their supporters. Read More

IFMA’s Young Athletes UNiTE to End Violence Against Women

Young Muay Thai fighters pose before the IFMA youth conference. Photo: UN Women/Younghwa Choi

Young Muay Thai fighters pose before the IFMA youth conference. Photo: UN Women/Younghwa Choi

IFMA and the sport of Muaythai stands proud of its collaboration with UN Women Asia and the Pacific in the UNiTE to End Violence Against Women Campaign.

We are proud of our champions who continue to be role models in changing and redefining attitudes towards women and girls.

Read about our latest collaboration with UN Women at our Youth Event in their latest story here – Enlisting the Fiercest of Young Fighters to Help End Violence against Women

Youth Conference on education and the future of sport!

3108 Youth Conference audience

Athletes waiting for the conference – Afghanistan, Russia, Ukraine

After previous editions, in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Russia, Malaysia, it was Bangkok’s turn to host the Youth Conference as part of the Youth World Championship 2016.

The theme was Youth, Education and the Future of Sport. The ball room at the Ambassador Hotel was packed to capacity with 800 athletes and officials from all 5 continents listening to presentations.

Dr Sakcyhe and Stefan w young athletes

Dr Sakcyhe with a young athlete from Belarus and Stephan Fox an athlete from Libya after the conference!

YOuth Conference Brazil w Dr Sakcyhe

Mr Flavio Bettarello Brazil w IFMA President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan

IFMA President, Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan welcomed all the delegates with IFMA Sports Director Charissa Tynan, on behalf of the IFMA International Office.

The representative of the Brazilian Embassy and Government, Mr Flavio Bettarello delivered a presentation on the 2016 Rio Olympics, Unity in Diversity.

Ms. Ornwipa Rugkhla, from UN Women spoke on Gender Equality and their partnership with IFMA, UNESCO’s Dr Sue Vize spoke on the partnership of IFMA and UNESCO on youth development and education.

IFMA General Secretary Mr Stephen Fox made a detailed presentation on IFMA’s continued vision for grassroots development and updated everyone on upcoming events involving the youth.

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Fun Fair a hit at the Youth World Championships!

3108 Funfair 4A fun fair was organised for all the youth participating in the IFMA Youth World Championship, with over 20 different games. And so the kids had a chance to play against each other in a fun way.

Some sports from the AIMS family were included like Darts, where Australia and Uzbekistan went head to head. This followed the earlier Sepak Takraw contest which saw Malaysia and Thailand playing across the net.

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Day 6 – the making of Champions!

3108 Medal ceremony girls

One of the many medal ceremonies – Thailand Russia, Vietnam and Kazakhstan :)

The final day of fights was a fitting end to a week of intense competition with so many close results bringing the crowd surging to their feet!

The closing ceremony was held in conjunction with the City of Bangkok, the Ministry for Tourism and Sport, the Department of Physical Education and the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand along with the world governing body of Amateur Muaythai IFMA. Read More

Day 5: UNESCO, gold medals, and dancing!

2808 muay boran thai team

Muay Boran team getting ready for their contest!

Today we went from the excitement of gold medal fights to the elegance of the Wai Khru with our first ever contest for this important part of our sport. And the day began with an inspiring meeting with UNESCO Bangkok and the signing of a partnerships agreement on youth and education. Read More

Day 4 – The future of our Muaythai family on show!

2808 Germany 11 years old Wai Khru w Uzbek Kevin Papst

Uzbekistan and Germany have a Wai Khru war before they fight!

Seventy-six matches, a record number for the Youth World Championships and eight hours of fantastic performances to the capacity crowd at the 2016 IFMA Youth World Championships. Read More

Day Two thrills and spills in the stadium!

2708 Three countries IFMA

The best things come in 3s – Ukraine, New Zealand and Sweden!

There was barely standing space around the rings at the National Stadium today! The crowd packed in to see over 60 bouts over an 80-hour programme in 2 rings, with some amazing contests. And a few close memorable memorable matches that already have the words “must meet again” written all over them. Read More

Muaythai Athletes ring in the Youth World Championships

2508 Line of signs

Some of the countries at the IFMA Youth champs


The IFMA Youth World Championships 2016 opened with a colourful ceremony under the united message of, “One World, One Muaythai” advocating a message of respecting each other regardless of differences. 62 countries with proud athletes marched into a standing ovation and rousing applause from the stadium, chaired by the Minister of Tourism and Sports, Thailand HE Kobkarn Wattanvrangkul. Read More