Pan-American federations meeting during IFMA World Championships


Pan-American meeting during the World Championships

Seven of IFMA’s Pan-American federations held a meeting during the World Championships this week to discuss development of muaythai in the region. Read More

And the winners at the IFMA World Championships!

Trophy winners from Sweden, Russia, Thailand, Iran and Belarus! Image Arthur Mazur for IFMA

IFMA awards gold, silver and bronze medals in the ring but there is more to muaythai than just winning your bout. Some of our athletes also stand out for their career dedication or their skills in the traditional side of our sport.

These athletes were also honoured on the closing day of the IFMA World Championships in Minsk. Read More

Gold medal day at IFMA World Championships!

Team Russia and China prepare their athletes for Rings A and B.

Today was the start of the Medals fest at the IFMA World Championships with gold medals awarded in female and competitive male levels. Read More