How to vote for Svetlana Vinnikova Muaythai as IWGA Athlete of the Year 2018

World Champion Svetlana Vinnikova is nominated to compete for IWGA Athlete of the Year 2018 – read on to see how you can vote for Muaythai! Read More

Muaythai athlete nominated for Athlete of the Year 2018 IWGA

IFMA is proud to announce that one of our champions has been nominated by The World Games to compete for the prestigious Athlete of the Year competition. Voting opens in January, read on to find out  how you can support Muaythai! Read More

Semi-finals at the Muaythai Pan-Americans in Buenos Aires!

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Host team Argentina – Eli Del Prete – in action, women’s divisions today! PIC Jeff Dojillo USMF

After a blistering opening day yesterday, the Pan-American nations were in action again today with most divisions reaching semi-final stages. And for some youth athletes, it was medal-time already, such an excitement to win your first medal for your country and for coaches to see the stars of tomorrow in the making. Read More