Semi-finals at the Muaythai Pan-Americans in Buenos Aires!

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Host team Argentina – Eli Del Prete – in action, women’s divisions today! PIC Jeff Dojillo USMF

After a blistering opening day yesterday, the Pan-American nations were in action again today with most divisions reaching semi-final stages. And for some youth athletes, it was medal-time already, such an excitement to win your first medal for your country and for coaches to see the stars of tomorrow in the making. Read More

Competition opens at the Muaythai PanAmericans 2018

Canada’s Scott MacKenzie putting in the Teep on Day 1 of the PanAmericans PIC Jeff Dojillo USMF

A great day of muaythai action thrilled spectators in Buenos Aires on the opening day of competition for the 2018 Pan-Americans. With over twenty national teams in action, all eyes were on host team Argentina as well as some big-names from Peru, USA and Canada among the visitors. Read More

Muaythai turns to Buenos Aires for the 2018 Pan-American Championships!

The Pan-American Muaythai Championships kick off this week in Buenos Aires, Argentina as the host city for the Youth Olympics prepares for another spectacular sporting event. Read More