Muaythai in Columbia is on the Move

Columbia sends a muaythai team to the World Championships for the first time this year, an achievement which has been more than five years in the making. Read More

IFMA Champions Honoured With National Awards

IFMA is proud to see muaythai athletes being recognized around the world for their achievements, and honoured by national awards measured against other sporting successes. Read More

Best Team of the World Championships 2017 Announced the List for Mexico

Belarus celebrating winning the Best Team 2017 Award

Belarus announced their team for the World Championships 2018. The team is strong as always with team leaders like Alena Leshkevich, Andrey Kulebin, Dmitry Varats, Vital Hurkou, Yeven Volchek who are all world’s class athletes. Leshkevich, Varats, and Hurkou are current world champions and will defend their titles in Cancun. Andrey Kulebin is going to be hungry for international victories after missing his native world championships in Minsk. The world will see the return of the Belarus Bullet shooting back into action in 71 kg division.  Read More