2016 FAMA Meeting in Danang, VIE

This year’s FAMA Annual General Meeting was held on the rest day of the Muaythai competition at the 5th Asian Beach Games in Danang, Vietnam the Grand Sea Hotel. Read More

Last of the Quarterfinals and first of the Semi-finals at ABG5

Today’s quarterfinal bouts produced some world class performances, and a great atmosphere at the Bien Dong Park Beach. Read More

Full House on Day 2 at ABG5

The muaythai venue was packed to the last seat with standing room only, and the VIP section visited by many honoured guests from the various Asian NOCs. It was the quarterfinals for some divisions, and in the 54 KG division, it was Thailand booking their place in the semis with a win over Malaysia while Korea beat Kazakhstan. Read More

YWC 2016 Wai Kru Contest a Big Success

YWC2016_Kids_Wai Kru

Combining sport and culture is the platform of IFMA and the cultural part again played an important part during the IFMA Youth World Championships 2016. The Wai Kru pays respect to the art and sport of Muaythai, our loved ones as much as our opponents and is an important pre-competition ritual in Muaythai. This tradition goes back thousands of years and plays an important part in the Muaythai practitioners life regardless if you do it for competition or just for fun.   Read More

Muaythai hit at the Asian Beach Games!

Muaythai, one of the most popular sports in the Asian Beach Games, had to start their 2 days before the opening giving it a total 6 days of competition. Read More

Teams have arrived!

All muaythai national teams which have been sent by various NOCs of Asia have arrived in Da Nang.  They settled into their hotels situated along one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia. But it all went down to business today. After the official weigh-in, the official draw took place to find out who is matched up against who.Dato Shahnnaz Azmi, FAMA Vice President and Technical Delegate of the 5thAsian Beach Games opened the meeting, welcoming all athletes, delegates and the representatives of the various NOCs and gave a detailed report on the week ahead. Read More

IFMA Youth World Championship Medallist Receives a Hero’s welcome


Amisha Azrilrizall from Malaysia received a hero’s welcome on her return home following her victory at the Youth World Championships. Coming from the province of Perak Darul Ridzuan and attending the high school of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Gunung Rapat Amisha made her dream come true when she won her spot in the national team of Malaysia to the IFMA youth world championship 2016. Read More

Iraq Team is the First To Arrive to the Asian Beach Games

Iraq Muaythai_Asian Beach Games

Iraq team was the first to land in the Da Nang airport to register their team for one of the biggest multisports events in Asia – Asian Beach Games 2016. Muaythai is one of the official sports at the event which is organised by the Olympic Council of Asia. Read More

Muay Boran World Championships

YWC2016_Muay Boran Competition

Muay Boran, the ancient form of Muaythai plays an integral role in Thai culture and history and is still admired by many as a beautiful art form. This traditional martial art plays an important part as one of the disciplines for Muaythai competitions. Alongside Wai Kru and Muay Aerobic this year’s Youth World Championships saw amazing teams performing in the Muay Boran competition with the under 13 competition coming down to a close decision between Thailand, Peru , Poland and Italy and with the support of the cheering crowd it was Thailand who took the win. In the over 13 it was even closer with Thailand, Malaysia and Iraq all going into the final. Read More

Female Muaythai champion gets the Highest Honour in Morocco

An IFMA World Champion which has qualified for the 2017 World Games has received the highest honour from His Majesty King Mohammed the 7th of Morocco. Maryam El Moubarik won the gold medal at the IFMA World Championships and became the first Arabic girl qualifying for the 2017 World Games, making the entire country proud when his Majesty honoured her with a national order of merit. Read More

Muaythai a Hit at the Korean Masterships


Muaythai was one of the most popular sports during the World Martial Arts Masterships held in the beautiful city of Cheong Ju. 17 combat sports participated in this amazing event and the Cheong Ju Olympic Memorial Civic Centre was packed for the entire competition as team Korea demonstrated why they are one of the leading National Federations in Asia, fully recognised by the NOC of Korea. Read More

World Martial Arts Masterships Opens in Style

World Martial Arts MAsterships

The beautiful city of Cheong Ju in the Republic of Korea was the venue for the World Martial Arts Masterships with 17 martial arts coming together in the spirit of combat sport, friendship and sporting and cultural exchange. Read More

IFs’ Competition Managers Meet to Prepare TWG 2017


The second Competition Managers Meeting on the organization of The World Games 2017 (20 – 30 July) set a Milestone on the road to Wroclaw. The representatives of 31 International Federations received comprehensive information concerning their venues and the state of the preparations in general. The program of TWG 2017 includes 27 sports on the official program and four sports on the invitational program. Muaythai is in the official sports programme of the World Games. Read More

Youth Awards Gala Night

The  2016 Youth World Championships concluded with the Youth Awards Gala, a fantastic finale that will be etched in the memory of the youth for many years. The ballroom was lit up in lights and splendour and the smiling faces of all the well-deserved youth and participants of the competition. Read More