Muaythai and Sustainability

Regardless of where programs and events are held, from the local stage to the international stage like the European Championships or World Championships, IFMA makes a point to apply the five pillars of Muaythai inside the ring as well as outside the rings. IFMA aims to respect and honour the locality and community through fair play and excellence and will continue look to make it a tradition of sustainability for all future programs events.

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Sport Integrity is a Must

RealPlayer is a Sport Integrity online education course developed by SportAccord, and specifically utilized by the athletes participating in IFMA competitions. Respect, honour, tradition, fair play and excellence, the five pillars of Muaythai all fit in with the values of sport integrity.

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IFMA General Secretary Visits Lausanne

The IFMA General Secretary, Stephan Fox, together with the IFMA Executive Board member, Sherzod Tashmatov also President of the Uzbekistan Boxing Federation, made an important visit to the Olympic city of Lausanne.

Many important meetings took place such as meetings with the IOC Executive Board member and President of AIBA, Dr CK Wu, one of the most outstanding sport personalities to discuss and continue the cooperation, especially within the World Combat Games group.

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Team Mexico First to Arrive in Thailand

Only 3 weeks to go until the opening of the Muaythai University World Cup, and team Mexico are the first to arrive, train and get acclimated for this important event.

Mr Jorge Vasquez, President of the Mexican Federation, stated that Mexico is nearly a whole day’s flight away from Bangkok, and they want to ensure that team Mexico is in the best shape to compete against the best university athletes from all five continents.

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Fair Play is Key

Muaythai has a saying “we would rather lose in honour than win in dishonesty…” and fair play is one of the five pillars of Muaythai. It is important that all stakeholders in Muaythai are a part of this, and it must be ensured that athletes, coaches, doctors, and others of the entourage are sure that the winner is the real winner.

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Muaythai and Ethics

Caroline Aebersold needs no introduction to the world of Muaythai. A former Muaythai champion who has become one of the most respected community business leader in Australia, the CEO of a national non-profit education provider, working with approximately 20,000 young people every week. The deputy chair of suicide prevention Australia, currently competing her doctorate in international law.

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Never Look Down on Anybody, Unless You Are Helping Them Back on Their Feet

Muaythai is built on five important pillars respect, honour, tradition, fair play and excellence.

Youth development is a very important part of Muaythai. The kids are our future, not just in the sport, but in life. Muaythai is more than just a martial art, in fact, it is a way of life, and for the children, it is not all about competition. Through the various aspects in the sport and cultural art form, children are taught important values, goal, and learn to respect their opponents, cultural values and understanding, and above all, to have friends.

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Countdown to Muaythai FISU University World Cup

It has been six years since Thailand had the honour to stage a major international Muaythai event, so the excitement is high in the kingdom since they have been awarded to be the host of the first ever Muaythai University World Cup, under patronage of FISU.

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The World Games 2017 Website Launched

The Wroclaw Organizing Committee (WOC) is glad to present the next stage of promotion for The World Games 2017 in Poland. Learn all about TWG2017 on the event-dedicated website:

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Thailand Ready to Host the Muaythai FISU University World Cup

Only one month to go until history will be made in Thailand as the Muaythai University World Cup has received the highest honour, patronage of FISU the International University Sports Federation (Fédération internationale du sport universitaire).

Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sport, Her Excellency Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, called a meeting at the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, with all the parties involved in this important event.

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Germany: Do Muaythai Not Drugs

Muaythai Bund Deutschland, under the presidency of Detlef Türnau, successfully implemented and launched the social project “Do Muaythai Not Drugs” in 2014.

Licensed Muaythai Trainers worked together with Schools, youth services, health insurances, financial institutions, social workers, the police and other supporters in the social project.

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Female Muaythai UNiTE

Muaythai and UNiTE have continued their fantastic joint campaign to End Violence Against Women. World Muaythai Angels partnered up with IFMA to put on a special Muaythai Day show to promote the popularity of female Muaythai.

Girls from around the world joined in the fantastic event and to promote the campaign, and the Thai national team took on an international team in an unforgettable event for all participants and spectators.

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Sport Is Your Gang Kicks off in Czech Republic

Not many martial arts have their own special day, and Muaythai Day is celebrated around the world. The Czech Muaythai Association, a very active member of IFMA, has launched the official start of their Sport is Your Gang together with the Duchcov Children’s home.

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Muaythai Truly International

Muaythai is truly an international sport, and Muaythai Day is an important event in the Muaythai calendar with the main festivities held in Thailand, organized by the Thai Government, the World Muaythai Council under directive of the Thai Government, and certainly, IFMA the world governing body, recognized by the OCA, IWGA, and many others.

The story is told that the Phra Chao Suea (the Tiger King), the father of Muaythai , took on challengers in any division and against any challenger; so in his honour, 3 different trophies in 3 different weight divisions were organized.

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