IFMA Technical Delegate Gives Sweden the Thumbs Up

Who would know the Field of Play better than a former IFMA World Champion? Dmitry Putilin, President of the Russian Muaythai Federation is an example of how IFMA athletes continue their career in the sport after retirement from their athletic career; contributing to the development sport and most importantly to the athletes. Read More

UN Trophy leaves Thailand

After Thailand had won the last 2 editions of UN Women trophy in the campaign to End Violence Against Women and Girls. This time the 2 finalists were Jasmine Whybird from Australia and Saifah T. Teerasawad from Thailand. Read More

And the Winner is Kazan

The IFMA bidding commission met in Bangkok to announce the result of the winner of the 3 last bidding cities, Singapore, Bangkok and Kazan for the 2016 final qualification event, and the winner is Kazan. The city of Kazan was certainly delighted with the result. Kazan becoming one of the major Russian sport cities. Read More

Muaythai Day Gala Event

The Royal Thai Government, as every year, organised a special event for Muaythai Day celebrated in 130 countries as it is the official birth date of muaythai. The event is an important one and many activities took place in the government compound. Activities included a conference with over a thousand people attended, various WMC and IFMA meetings and a joint meeting between IFMA and the Minister of Tourism and Sport, H.E. Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul. The day ended with a spectacular Muaythai Day Gala event in the evening. It was a fantastic showdown with many VIPs, embassies and full house for all three Super 4 event. Read More

ASEAN Muaythai Federation

A special FAMA meeting took place in Bangkok with the formation of the ASEAN Muaythai Federation, a regional association under IFMA and FAMA, like many others such as West Asian Muaythai Federation. IFMA President, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan welcomed all the delegates in Bangkok for this important meeting. Read More


A special meeting was held at the Thailand Ministry of Tourism and Sport, chaired by Associate Professor Chavanee Tongroach, Vice Minister for Tourism and Sports, attended by many important personalities from the Thai and international sporting world. Thailand’s IOC member, Dr. Nat Indrapana, the Chief Advisory to OCA and ANOC President Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Ahmed Al-Sabah, Dr Santipap Techavanija, President of IFMA, Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, General Secretary of FAMA, Mr. Mervyn Tan, IFMA Sports Director, Mrs. Charissa Tynan, Vice President of AMTAT, Mr. Kajorn Prowsri, Governor of Sports Authority of Thailand, Sakon Wannapong, President of the Association of Thailand’s National Sports Federation in the Olympic Program, IFMA Sports Director, Charissa Tynan, AIMS President, Mr. Stephan Fox, and many other delegates. Read More

Fatima Pinto – From Athlete to President

Fatima Pinto entered the world of muaythai some 10 years ago and has never looked back. Her quintessential journey from athlete to administrative executive is what IFMA is all about. It is when an athlete takes this passionate and dedicated progression through their lives in the sport that ensures that the athletes literally remain at the heart of the organisation at the highest levels. Read More

UN Women Trophy

Muaythai under IFMA will continue the campaign To End Violence against Women and Girls in cooperation with UNWomen.

The campaign has been taken to many countries with special event held in Monaco in the presence of His Serene Highness, Prince Albert II, in Saint Tropez endorsed by Mademoiselle Brigitte Bardot, part of King’s Cup in Thailand just to name the few. Read More

Muaythai Day 2016

Every year, the Royal Thai Government, WMC, IFMA and the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand joins forces with 130 member countries to celebrate the day of muaythai. The day is intended to honour King Somdej Phra Sanpher the 8th, better known as Phra Chao Sua, or the Tiger King. He is renowned in Thailand for his expertise in Thai martial art skills. Phra Chao Sua rose to the throne on February 6th, 1702.

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Turkish National Muaythai Championships

The Turkish Muaythai Federation under President Halil Durna, and the Vice President of European Muaythai Federation and IFMA executive board member has become one of the leading European National Federations.

Love for muaythai on the national level plus governmental support multiplied by great organisation has given Tuerkish Muaythai this status. Read More

Muaythai in the Lion City is going from strong to stronger

Singapore is maybe small country in size but one of the biggest muaythai countries if we go per capita.

Mr. Mervyn Tan, president of Amateur Muaythai Association of Singapore (AMAS), general secretary of Federation of Amateur Muaythai of Asia (FAMA) and head of IFMA legal commission stated that the coperation between the member gyms, the Singapore Sport Council, and the National Olympic Committee of Singapore is the key to the development of muaythai as a cultural art form and sport for all. Every memeber gym must take the yearly workshop and this year the general secretary of International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) and vice-president of World Muaythai Council (WMC) honoured Singapore with his presence. The event saw a successful registration of over 60 trainers from 95% of gyms affiliated to AMAS as well as student representatives from tertiary institutions such as Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU), and National University of Singapore (NUS). Read More

Jönköping anticipates participants of the World Championships

The city of Jönköping, also the birth place of many famous names like Agnetha Fältskog from the world renowned pop group ABBA, is looking forward to welcome participating teams for the World Championships 2016.

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Female Muaythai Takes Centre Stage in Afghanistan

The Afghanistan Muaythai Federation once again organised the Afghanistan Female Muaythai Championship in the Afghan capital city of Kabul continue to promote gender equality as part of IFMA Right for all participation in sport.
 Female athletes from all over the country arrived to Kabul to compete for the right to represent Afghanistan at upcoming IFMA World Championships in Sweden.

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Ashgabat AIMAG launches the countdown for the event

The organising committee of the 2017 Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games (AIMAG) has launched its official website setting the countdown clock till the fifth edition of the games where muaythai will be represented in the Turkmenistan capital, Ashgabat the “Pearl of Central Asia”, from September 15-24, 2017. Read More