IFMA Medical Comission Chair Attends WADA Meeting

Dr Erdogan Aydin, Chair of IFMA Medical Commission, attended the three-day WADA Conference in Katowice, Poland where leaders of international sports federations, GAISF led by the President Rafaelle Chiulli and many more were in attendance to discuss and exchange ideas on protecting athletes and keeping sport clean.

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Asian Youth Gets Its Chance in Abu Dhabi

With less than a week after the European Championships 2019 in Minsk the following IFMA event is taking the central stage in IFMA calendar. Asian Muaythai Championships 2019, Abu Dhabi will invite senior and youth divisions where elite can be role models for the younger generation of athletes. Read More

IFMA Awards Given In Minsk

Over 6 days of competition at the European Muaythai Championships 2019 athletes gave top level performances with many emotional moments, bright victories and sensational results. With every victory, athletes contributed to their team standing in the event ranking.

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