Muaythai at the SUKMA 2018 Malaysian Games

Young muaythai athletes with Muaythai Malaysia are taking part in the Sukma Games this week, a multi-sport event with full government and Olympic Council of Malaysia support. Read More

United Through Sports and International Federation Muaythai Amateur For Every Body

Today UTS and IFMA opened their office doors to welcome musician Al Prado and his special student Wille Varach. Young adults with different abilities are often excluded in society and face discrimination. This population are largely misunderstood where the general public lack understanding and awareness. Oftentimes there is a lack of facilities and opportunities for these young adults largely due to a lack of adequate policies and legislation. Read More

Muaythai Athletes Honoured and Awarded for Their Sporting Achievements

After a busy summer of Muaythai action, many of the winning athletes have been honoured with awards in their home countries in recognition of their achievements. Winning a medal is about much more than sport, as these athletes are role models to inspire the next generation in physical health and mental strength. Read More