Spectacular Closing Ceremony at the Royal World Cup

10 days of fierce competition have come to a close. The championship teams filled with pride, as the gold medallists booked their spots to compete at the 2017 World Games under patronage of the IOC. Read More

IFMA hands over Flag to Sweden

102 countries, over 2000 athletes, delegates and officials said “Thank You” to the Kingdom of Thailand and its Royal Family for graciously donating the 4 trophies of the Royal World Cup, to the Amatuer Muaythai Assocaition of Thailand for hosting the event, and to IFMA for being IFMA, where everyone feels a part of a family. Read More

Female Muaythai as Popular as Male Muaythai

The finals of the IFMA Royal World Cup truly showed that Female Muaythai has become as popular as male muaythai with the stadium filled to capacity. Thailand won in the 48 kg division with Hanphan Rattanaphon against Vietnam.

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IFMA Finals

There was no sitting or standing space at the Finals of the IFMA Royal World Cup 2015, when the best of the best met to secure their medals, place in the world  and an esteemed spot in the 2017 World Games together with the chance to be nominated for highly coveted Royal World Cup trophy.

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The Torch of Life – IFMA Youth World Cup a great success!

The National Stadium in Bangkok, Thailand has been the venue for the 7 days of the 2015 IFMA Royal World Cup. The Youth Cup was a separate event where besides the championship, many other activities were held. Cultural understanding, education, sport and fun was the theme and there is no doubt that the youth will return home with fond memories of the beautiful kingdom of Thailand, and also as young ambassadors of the sport of muaythai, carrying the sport’s hope for the future. Read More

Valentina Shevchenko elected into the IFMA board

The IFMA Athlete’s Commission elected Ms Valentina Shevchenko to represent the Athletes Commission in the IFMA Executive Board. As per IFMA constitution, the Athlete’s Commission has a permanent seat in the board. IFMA General Secretary, Stephan Fox said that the link between the executives and the athletes is the most important and has been the driving force for IFMA’s development. Read More

IFMA Executive Board meets for the last time

The IFMA Executive Board had their last meeting, chaired by President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan, IFMA Vice President Mr Yeo from Korea, the 5 continental presidents, IFMA General Secretary Mr Stephan Fox and IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tynan. Read More

The IFMA World Youth takes Bangkok by storm

The National Stadium came alive for the IFMA Royal World Cup 2015, when the youth from all 5 continents contested for the semi finals. Over 20 Bangkok schools came with buses packed with support for their Thai heroes, while the stadium was filled with supporters for all the junior teams. Read More

Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan re-elected as IFMA President

IFMA President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan is elected for another term by the vote of 96 national federation that took part in the IFMA 24th Annual General Meeting. Dr Sakchye thanked all the delegates from the 5 continents for giving him their trust for another term, stating that as a Thai he is truly proud that muaythai is now world recognised with its inclusion in the World Games, its recognition by FISU and also its inclusion in the indoor Asian Martial Art Games, the Asian Beach Games and so many more. Read More

The 24th IFMA Annual General Assembly

96 fully recognised IFMA national federations, plus 24 prospective federations, representatives from sport authorities and governments took part at the 24th IFMA Annual General Meeting, which was filled to the last seat. Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan was re-elected as IFMA President and presentations from future host cities were made. Read More

H.E. Mrs Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul opens the AIMS conference at the Gala Dinner

IFMA hosted the AIMS conference in Bangkok from 10th to 13th of August with representatives from the IOC, IWGA, FISU, TAFISA, all recognised IOC groups, the representatives from 23 AIMS recognised sports , IEC in sports, the World Games Channel and many others in attendance. Her Execllency opened the beautiful evening with a heart-warming speech on behalf of the Royal Thai Government welcoming all sport dignitaries in true Thainess. Read More

Match Days Four and Five Give the Muaythai World the Best

The Royal World Cup continues to give joy everyone who visits the National Stadium and most importantly brings athletes closer to their personal and team goals. Medals in 105 weight and age division are contested by athletes from 102 countries and four trophies donated by the Royal Families will be awarded to the best participants of the Royal World Cup. Read More

We at IFMA would like to extend our condolences to those affected by the tragedies today. Our heartfelt thoughts are with the families and the people who are fighting for their lives in the hospitals.

We would like to assure all families of the participants of the IFMA Royal World Cup that all of them are safe and have been accounted for.

World Muaythai Community Meets Thai Sports Minister

The Minister of Tourism and Sport who was initially abroad for the opening of the Royal World Cup, has returned to invite representatives from the IFMA Athletes’ Commission for a morning meeting at the National Stadium. The minister who was truly impressed by the numbers of participants wanted to convey her thanks to the world. Read More