IFMA World Championships Sets New Records

The 2017 IFMA World Championships will go down in the history books as the first World Championships in which muaythai under IFMA is an IOC recognised sport. Read More

World Games mascots do muaythai at IFMA World Championships

The IFMA rings in Minsk played host to a special bout this week during the IFMA Championships when the mascots for The World Games took centre stage.

Both Hansel and Gretel have been getting to know the athletes and learning about our sport. Thai athlete Rathchadaphon Wihantamma took them to the Warm-Up Area to learn some stretches. Read More

3 Ninjas Charity Run!! Koh Samui Thailand May 2017

On the 3rd of May three Muaythai athletes known as ‘The 3 Ninjas’, Joel Burum Jarred Rothwell and Zac Reid ran the entire way around Koh Samui, Thailand, to raise money and awareness for kids living on Koh Samui with mental disabilities. Read More