HRM King Bhumibol Trophy

Graciously Donated by

His Royal Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej

HRM-King Bhumipol Trophy

His Royal Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej donated a personal trophy to the WMC and IFMA as part of the launch of Muaythai’s campaign to reach the world’s highest sporting recognition. On April 3, 2012 in Bangkok, at the “Muaythai Towards IOC” gala event hosted by the WMC and IFMA, His Majesty’s trophy was marched into the packed Bangkok Convention Centre Hall by a troupe of Royal Cadets. Resplendent in their uniforms, solemnly bearing the King’s trophy, the sight cast an awed hush over the crowd. The trophy is a great and gracious honour for Muaythai.



H.E. General Pichitr Kullavanijaya

Privy Councillor to H.M. King of Thailand


The traditional rules of Muaythai date back over one thousand years. The Thai people used Muaythai as a superior form of martial arts to form and maintain an independent country. That country is now modern day Thailand – the land of the free.

Thai people are very proud of their national sport; but what makes us even more proud, is the fact that Muaythai has become truly global. Through Muaythai, sport enthusiasts from all corners of the globe have learned about the values and traditions which play a very important part in the sport.

It‘s a well-known fact that any type of sport has the power to keep children off the streets and instill important values – our ‘Muaythai Against Drugs’ campaign is active in all five continents.

As the Honorary President of IFMA, the WMC and the Chairman of ‘Muaythai Against Drugs‘, I am honoured to see this next generation of sports administrators taking its cues from my campaigns to enrich the lives of children by developing the campaign ’Sport Is Your Gang’.

‘Sport Is Your Gang’ is a social campaign being launched today in cooperation with the Peace and Sport organisation under the patronage of His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco.

In 1991, IFMA started as a small international sports federation. It has now grown into over 100 national federations all around the world; many of which are recognised by their respective national Olympic Committees. We owe this to the hard work and dedication of the IFMA executive board, and the associated member federations internationally.

As a proud Thai, I am pleased to see the growth of Muaythai on the international stage. The inclusion of Muaythai in Sportaccord and recognition by the Olympic Council of Asia is a superb achievement; and we are now in league with all the recognised world sports.

I am honoured, on this special day, to be a part of this auspicious occasion in which our beloved sport and art is taking its first official step on the path towards the Olympic Rings. It is with tremendous pride and honour that we are officially lodging this application for the inclusion of Muaythai in the World Games – with the ultimate goal being IOC recognition.

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