Muaythai in the International University Sports Federation

Muaythai has achieved many milestones in the year 2014 with the SportAccord Spirit of Sport Award, the inclusion of Muaythai into official sport program of the World Games and just as the year ended, the Muaythai University World Cup was given the official patronage of Fédération Internationale du Sport Universitaire (FISU), the International University Sports Federation.

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This is another proud moment for muaythai, and truly shows the recognition which muaythai has received in the world sporting community.
Thailand’s Minister of Tourism and Sport, Her Excellency Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, called a meeting at the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, with all the parties involved in this important event. She said that Thailand is honoured to have won the bid for the first University World Cup and it has been six years since Thailand has been the host of an IFMA sanctioned international event, and after all the fantastic events held in China, Uzbekistan, Russia, and Malaysia, it is great to see such a recognised event back in the Kingdom.

Over 50 press and TV agencies showed up to the press conference. General Chetta Thanajaro opened with a welcome speech stating that the Muaythai University World Cup is another important step in Muaythai’s journey towards IOC recognition.


On the 22nd of April, at the SportAccord Convention and Business Summit, Muaythai signed the official contract with FISU for full recognition. The official contract was signed with FISU President, Mr Claude-Louis Gallien and IFMA President, Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan in front of over 200 representatives from the Olympic Family, SportAccord and World Games.

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Mr Gallien welcomed Muaythai into the FISU family and again highlighted that sport has a unique power and that muaythai and IFMA has greatly established itself using the power of sport for the good of society. We now have a fantastic platform to exchange education, culture and sport and FISU is looking forward with great anticipation for combined success.


The 1st Muaythai World University Championships took place in Pattaya, Thailand, in the motherland of the sport.

Teams including Malaysia, Nepal, Hungary, Poland, Israel, Russia and of course host nation Thailand were all staying at the Hard Rock Cafe resort in Pattaya. The venue was also located in this resort meaning another sustainable event for muaythai as there was no transport required on a daily basis.


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