The Ancient Art of Muay Boran

Muaythai Explained

Muaythai Anthem

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Kids are our Future

The Ancient Art of Muay Boran

Posted on Nov 26, 20131

Muaythai Explained

Posted on Nov 26, 20132

Muaythai Anthem

Posted on Aug 25, 20123

Kids are our Future

Posted on Aug 23, 20124

IFMA welcomes new IWGA President

José Perurena succeeded Ron Froehlich, who was President for more than two decades, and his programme starts today, with a breakfast meeting of his new-look Board of SportAccord Convention and the promise: “We will bring the World Games to the next level.” Read More


Muaythai and IFMA is one of the 5 nominees out of the 104 SportAccord world recognised sporting federations for their exceptional contribution to sport and society. Read More


The International World Games Association will hold their Annual General Meeting on the 7th of April in Antalya Turkey during the SportAccord Convention. In 2013 IFMA became a proud member of IWGA and is currently the only ring sport. Read More

Muaythai Takes Theatre Stage By Storm

Thrilling stage show on the origins and heroes of muaythai and muay boran opens at The Stage, Bangkok’s newest playhouse. Read More

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace

IFMA continues to play an integral part in their role for social responsibilities. Their latest endeavor has seen them take part in Peace and Sport’s new interactive initiative “Carton Blanc – Sporting gesture for Peace”, as part of the first International Day of Sport for Development and Peace taking place on 6 April 2014. Read More

AIMS – Alliance of Independent Members of SportAccord

AIMS, a proud member of SportAccord will hold another important plenary session on Tuesday 8th April, in Belek, Antalya, Turkey. Read More

Sport Is Your Gang Logo gets a new look

IFMA is proud to present the new logo design that will represent the Sport Is Your Gang initiative. The new design depicts a fist and a glove doing a “fist bump”, a modern-day hand shake if you will for today’s youth. Read More

Muaythai is getting ready for 2014 SportAccord Convention in Belek, Turkey

Muaythai under IFMA has been a proud member of SportAccord since 2006 and has been an exhibitor at every convention since. From Seoul to Beijing, to Athens, to Denver, to Dubai, to London and last year, to St. Petersburg. This year IFMA will proudly be putting up its booth in Antalya, Turkey in order to promote muaythai as a cultural art form and competition sport. Read More

IFMA Goes Green

During IFMA HQ’s recent site visit to Malaysia, several issues were discussed with the Local Organising Committee in preparation for the upcoming Championships. The theme of 2014 IFMA Championships is Youth and Sport, and to preserve and sustain the natural beauty of beautiful Langkawi for future generations IFMA will implement an event sustainability program developed by AISTS and IOC during the event. Read More


Scorpion gym Novo mesto hosted the final round of MTL in its hometown of Novo mesto, Slovenia. The competition, which was under the patronage of IFMA/WMC and is recognised by the Slovenian national Olympic committee, was a gathering of some 46 male, female, junior and children fighters from 5 countries. Read More