Tribute to HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej

2016 Youth World Championships Highlights

Muaythai Anthem

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2015 IFMA Muaythai Awards Ceremony Highlights

Tribute to HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Posted on Oct 14, 20161

2016 Youth World Championships Highlights

Posted on Oct 7, 20162

Muaythai Anthem

Posted on Aug 25, 20123

2015 IFMA Muaythai Awards Ceremony Highlights

Posted on Oct 1, 20154

EMF President Signs Paris Declaration on AIDS Prevention


The EMF President and Mayor of the city Odesa Mr. Gennadiy Trukhanov signed a Paris Declaration of commitment to prevent AIDS, and joined the movement initiated by the Mayor of Paris and UNAISD in 2014. The signing also carries a symbolic meaning as Paris is one of possible venues for the European Championships in 2017. Read More

OCA Opens Regional Headquarters



A second Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) regional sub office has been officially opened during a ceremony in Thai capital Bangkok, as the organisation continues steps to ensure its stability amid ongoing tensions in Kuwait.

It comes after the continental bloc opted to press ahead with their plan to develop five regional headquarters, rather than keep their sole home in Kuwait City.

This was decided during an Executive Committee meeting in Japanese city Sapporo late last month.

Thailand’s Deputy Prime Minister Thanasak Patimaprakon and National Olympic Committee of Thailand President Yuthasak Sasiprapha were among those present.

“Thailand is one of the main players in our Olympic Movement in Asia and I would like to thank you for your support,” said OCA President Sheikh Ahmad Al-Fahad Al-Sabah.


IFMA president Doctor Sakchye Tapsuwan who is also the President of the amateur federation of Thailand under royal patronage stated that this is good news for IFMA the sole recognised Muaythai (Muay) organisation by the Olmypic Council of Asia since 1999. The cooperation has become even closer since Muaythai is also recognised by the IOC.

Belarus NOC in Full Support of the 2017 IFMA World Muaythai Championships

Belarus NOC meeting(11)

The Belarus Muaythai Federation has received full support from the National Olympic Committee of the Republic of Belarus which is Presided by the country President Alexander Lukashenko. Read More

Kazakhstan Youth is ready for the Youth World Championships

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The city of Almaty held the Kazakhstan Youth Championships last week and made a team for the Youth World Championships 2017 in Bangkok which will take place 3-11 August and again gather the youth of the world to celebrate sport, friendship, and show the best version of themselves on the field of play. Read More

Troy Jones Goes for Gold


Troy Jones is the first athlete from the United States in the sport of muaythai which has qualified for the World Games 2017 under patronage of the IOC. Troy is one of the leading personalities in muaythai in the United States just coming back from winning gold at the Pan American Muaythai Championships and wining gold in the IFMA World Championships at the IFMA Royal World Cup 2015. He understands that the World Games will bring together the elite of Muaythai with over 30,000 athletes from 130 countries participating in the qualification events, only 88 will make it to Wroclaw. Read More

Swedish Champions on Board for Minsk

Swedish Muaythai Championships

The Swedish muaythai championships took place this weekend and was a great spectacle for muaythai fans all around the country who gathered to see their favourite athletes and the Athletes of the Year 2016, Sofia Olofsson who became a true star on the IWGA website. Read More

Viva La France


Universality is the foundation of Olympism, the IOC just recognised muaythai and this was one of the factors, the sport may have its roots in the old Siam today known as the modern Thailand but when a French champion beat a Thai superstar for one of the most prestigious championship belts then it truly proves Muaythai belongs to the world. Read More

Muaythai Salutes Its Agreement With Unesco


Muaythai in Europe became popular in competition form more than 20 years ago and since that time all EMF member countries do regular muaythai events with the number of participants going up each year. Read More

Portugal Celebrates 29 Years


A special celebration took place in Lisbon to celebrate 29 years of the national muaythai federation of Portugal. The federation under the presidency of Ana Vital Melo who is also an IFMA executive board member is fully recognised by the National Olympic Committee of Portugal and hosted the successful European championships in 2013. Read More

Annual Report from the Muaythai in the Philippines


Muaythai in the Philippines which is fully recognised by the NOC just presented their annual report outlining the amazing work which has been done by the National Federation under the Presidency of General Manageulod who is also an IFMA member. Read More

Minsk 2017 LOC Meets IFMA


A special meeting took place hosted by the Ministry of Tourism and Sport, the Belarus Muaythai Federation and IFMA delegation together with all the heads of the different departments to do a joint meeting towards the IFMA Muaythai World Championships 2017. Read More

Ashgabat 2017 unveils medal design for Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games


Organisers of Ashgabat 2017 has unveiled the design of the medals that will be used during the fifth Asian Indoor and Martial Arts Games in September.

Read More

Afghanistan Muaythai celebrates Muaythai Day and Gender equality


Muaythai in Afghanistan is a very popular combat sport and martial art, fully recognised by their National Olympic Committee and is one of the power houses in Asia. Afghanistan muaythai under the Presidency of Mr. Amir Hussain Hussaini has done some outstanding work in grassroots development and also in the IFMA gender equality programme. In 2016, they were awarded the world muaythai award for Outstanding Social Development, presented by a representative of UN Women. Read More

IFMA a Member of ARISF!!


ARISF Letter Read More