Tribute to HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej

2016 Youth World Championships Highlights

Muaythai Anthem

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2015 IFMA Muaythai Awards Ceremony Highlights

Tribute to HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej

Posted on Oct 14, 20161

2016 Youth World Championships Highlights

Posted on Oct 7, 20162

Muaythai Anthem

Posted on Aug 25, 20123

2015 IFMA Muaythai Awards Ceremony Highlights

Posted on Oct 1, 20154

Day Three IFMA World Cup Kazan

website-2411-wc-kazan-uzbekistan-victory-pose-ring-aDay Three already at the IFMA World Cup in Kazan and we are as they say approaching the business end of the tournament with The World Games places looming large! Read More

Countdown to The Philippines National Muaythai Championships

15037314_1794040640855435_3245615149677408941_nThe Philippines hold their national championships on December 15th and the countdown is on now for athletes around the country. Read More

Kazan Muaythai World Cup Press Conference 2016

presscon6It was a full house with journalists from around the world at the Kazan Muaythai World Cup press conference at the Basket Hall Arena with special addresses from the Minister of Youth and Sports Affairs of the Republic of Tatarstan Vladimir Leonov, Russian Muaythai Federation President Dmitry Putilin and IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox. Read More

The World Games’ Hansel and Gretel visit Kazan IFMA World Cup

2211-wc-kazan-hg-on-red-chairIFMA athletes have gathered again to battle for a place at The World Games 2017 in Wroclaw, Poland. And we’re delighted Hansel and Gretel, the mascots for the 2017 Games have joined us once more!

They are now working with IFMA on our project to end violence against women in partnership with UN-Women under the #heforshe banner. Read More

Day Two IFMA World Cup Kazan

Turkey (red) vs Turkmeistan at 54kgs

Turkey (red) vs Turkmeistan at 54kgs

Thrills and spills were the order of the day in Kazan during Day Two as the competition ramped up across the two rings. Read More

Day One IFMA World Cup Kazan


The first bouts of the IFMA World Cup in Kazan have taken place, with male and female athletes from around the world competing for 11 places at The World Games next summer in Wroclaw. Read More

Opening Ceremony of the IFMA World Cup Kazan!

2211-wc-kazan-opening-trad-tartarstanLit by pulsing strobe lights, the stage was set for athletes representing their countries to introduce their flags to the cheering crowd at the Kazan IFMA World Cup. Time for the first steps on the Road to Wroclaw for some of our athletes as the battle for places at The World Games continues. Read More

Weigh-ins and Draw at Muaythai Kazan

Medical checks to start the tournament

Medical checks to start the tournament

Athletes and officials from around the world represented their countries  today at the weigh-ins and checks for the opening of the IFMA World Cup in Kazan.

This exciting tournament is also a qualifier for The World Games in Wroclaw next year, with the gold medal winners from 11 weigh categories in male and female divisions going on to that multi-sport tournament. Read More

New Zealand’s Taylor Triplets – a real muaythai family

The fighting fit Taylor Triplets from New Zealand!

The fighting fit Taylor Triplets from New Zealand!

In IFMA we like to talk about being a family and for some of our athletes that term has even more meaning than most!

These triplets from New Zealand all competed at the IFMA Youth Championships last year. Yes, that’s one fit and healthy family. We don’t imagine there is a lot of chocolate or ice-cream in their fridge even though they are so young. Read More

Next World Games Qualifier – Kazan World Cup!!!!


Athletes from 35 countries have been invited to participate in the next round of World Games qualifiers for Muaythai. 280 athletes will compete in 11 weight divisions over 4 days of intense competition to book their spot for the 2017 World Games. Read More

IFMA Enlists TWG Mascots Hansel & Gretel as Latest “He for She” Campaign Ambassadors


Gender Equality is a subject near and dear to the heart of IFMA, an organisation deeply committed to the motion, long before it became the newest “Social Initiative” kid on the block…

Read More

Female Power


While may be many other sports work hard to breach the gender gap, in Muaythai, the female competitors have taken centre stage. In the next seven days, many events will take place around the world. Stockholm will see the next 2 female athletes, Sofia Olofsson from Sweden, the 2 time IFMA world champion who received the highest honour in getting the Queen’s Trophy in Thailand last year will see the rematch against the Asian and Thai Champion Parita Padpho.  Read More

FISU Reports on Amazing Achievements


The International University Sports Federation is one of the strongest IOC partner organisations gathering the youth from around the world under its umbrella.  Read More

Pan American World Games Qualifier 

panamerican-championshipsLima, which will be the host for the 130th IOC Session 2017  in which the host city for the 2024 Olympics will be decide, will also be host the Pan American World Games Qualifier from the 30th November – 4th December 2016.
All Pan-American countries will come together to decide who will represent Pan-America in Wroclaw at the 2017 World Games under patronage of the IOC. Pan-American Muaythai President, Elisa Salinas stated that “the best of the best will come together”, thanking the Peruvian Muaythai Association for hosting this event.
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