2015 University World Cup Opening Ceremony Highlights

The Ancient Art of Muay Boran

Muaythai Explained

Muaythai Anthem

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2015 University World Cup Opening Ceremony Highlights

Posted on Mar 23, 20151

The Ancient Art of Muay Boran

Posted on Nov 26, 20132

Muaythai Explained

Posted on Nov 26, 20133

Muaythai Anthem

Posted on Aug 25, 20124

IFMA Meeting With the President of the IWGA

World Games President, Council Member of the Summer Olympic Sport and IOC member, Mr José Perurena, congratulated IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox on his election as AIMS President, and at the same time, IFMA congratulated Mr Perurena on his election into the ASOIF Board.

Muaythai is a proud member of the IWGA, and certainly, AIMS will work closely with the IWGA under the leadership of Mr José Perurena to promote the upcoming World Games 2017 and the AIMS sports already included in the games. AIMS will also work for other members to get possible recognition of the IWGA and to have the chance to be included in these important multi-sport games under the patronage of the IOC. Read More

Official Logo of the 2016 IFMA World Championships Launched

The official log of the upcoming 2016 IFMA World Championships in Jönköping, Sweden has been launched!

Following the success of the 2014 IFMA World Championships in Langkawi Malaysia, as well as the momentum from the 2015 IFMA Muaythai University World Cup and the 2015 Royal World Cup, Sweden will be looking to keep the tradition of respect, honour, excellence, and fair play alive at the IFMA World Championships. Read More

IFMA Congratulates IWGA President on Becoming ASOIF Board Member

IFMA and the world of Muaythai would like to congratulate IWGA President José Perurena on his election to the ASOIF board. The election took place at the recent SportAccord Convention.

The ASOIF is the Association of all the International Federations involved in the Summer Olympic Games. Mr Perurena (also President of the International Canoe Federation) was elected as the new ASOIF Council Member by means of a coin toss after two ties in votes with Chungwon Choue (World Taekwando Federation). Read More

IFMA Reaches Top 10 in the World

The inaugural SportBusiness Ultimate Sports Federation and Association Award was high on the agenda at the Sport and Business Convention in Sochi, Russia. A twelve-month detailed analysis and consultation with expert judges was conducted on a total of thirty International Federations and Associations which made the original cut for the prestigious title, which was eventually narrowed down to the top 10.

The 10 finalists for the SportBusiness Ultimate Sports Federation and Association Award was published and  Muaythai is filled with joy as it is one of the top 10. The top 10 lists included FEI (Equestrianism), FIBA (Basketball), FIH (Hockey), FIS (Skiing), the ICC (Cricket), IFMA (Muaythai), IJF (Judo), the IOC (Olympics), IPC (Paralympics), and ITTF (Table Tennis). Read More

Muaythai at the SportAccord Convention Recap

Muaythai was again one of the main attractions at the 2015 Sport Convention from the 19th to the 24th of April. IFMA’s exhibition booth at the convention had over 1500 visitors over the 3 days, and over 1000 information packages promoting Muaythai as a cultural art form, self-defense, fitness, and competition sport were given out to delegates and representatives from the world of sport. Read More

Honour for IFMA at the SportAccord Awards

Another great honour went to IFMA. President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan was nominated as one of the commission members for the SportAccord Awards on Euronews.

IFMA received this honour as the winner of the 2014 Spirit of Sport Award, and IFMA President Dr Sakchye stated that it was a true honour to be a part of the fantastic group to finalize the award ceremony for the evening. Read More

IFMA World Championships 2016 Sweden

The beautiful sport loving country of Sweden will host the IFMA WC 2016 from 19 to 29 of May in Jönköping.

After St. Petersburg 2013, Malaysia 2014, and Bangkok 2015 the event will move back to Europe into one of the most beautiful countries.

The final contract has been signed between IFMA President Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan, and the representative of the Organising Committee Daniel Norrgard, in front of a packed press conference with representative of IFMA partners such as FISU, SportAccord, UN Women and so many others. Read More

2018 World Combat Games Meeting

The President of the Olympic Committee of Peru, Mr José Quiñones González, chaired the first meeting for the upcoming 2018 World Combat Games, together with SportAccord President, Mr Marius L. Vizer. The 2018 World Combat Games will be held in Lima, Peru, and the SportAccord Convention was the perfect location to hold a meeting where representatives from the various world combat sports would be able to attend.

Representatives from the 16 Olympic and non-Olympic martial arts and combat sports were present at the meeting to discuss and plan for the upcoming World Combat Games. Read More

The World Games 2017 Meeting

The annual World Games Meeting was held during the SportAccord Convention in Sochi Russia where the world of sport came together to meet as one. Muaythai was represented at the worldwide sport meeting by IFMA President, Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan who was able to contribute to the meeting on behalf of the Muaythai community.

IFMA General Secretary, Stephan Fox, and IFMA Sport Director, Charissa Tynan, were also present at the important meeting to represent Muaythai. Along with the IFMA representatives, the Director General of the Department of Physical Education of Thailand, Dr Patanachart Kridiborworn, was also present at the meeting on invitation of IFMA. Read More

SportAccord Awards Gala: Where Sport Won

The SportAccord Awards gala event at the SportAccord Convention was a huge success with delegates and representatives from the sporting world, ambassadors, and athletes present at the world ceremony.

It was a celebration of sport and athletes as the inaugural edition of the SportAccord Euronews Awards was organized in Sochi in Russia. Read More

Muaythai Enters FISU

On the 22nd of April, at the SportAccord Convention and Business Summit, Muaythai signed the official contract with FISU for full recognition. The official contract was signed with FISU President, Mr Claude-Louis Gallien and IFMA President, Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan in front of over 200 representatives from the Olympic Family, SportAccord and World Games.

Dr Tapsuwan stated, “Exchanging sport, education and culture is an important platform of the Olympic movement and FISU has done such outstanding work since 1949, we truly thank them for their trust, we will not disappoint and will continue to use the power of sport to make a positive contribution to society. Read More

IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox Elected as President of AIMS

The Alliance of Independent Members of SportAccord (AIMS), one of the partner groups of SportAccord Convention representing 23 Non-Olympic recognised sports in SportAccord held it’s General Assembly at the SAC 2015 with the main agenda of electing a President. Mr Stephan Fox emerged victorious and is not only the new president of AIMS but also a SportAccord Council Member.

The new president revealed the importance of working with National federations to promote AIMS sports at the grassroots level and to highlight ethical and cultural issues. Fox warned of the need to protect member federations as a means of supporting all the athletes especially against rival groups and he will work closely together with SportAccord, IWGA, FISU and the IOC to ensure success. Read More

IFMA Cultural Cocktail Night

After days of intense meeting, IFMA gave delegates a chance to let their hair down at the annual IFMA Cultural Cocktail party. The night brought together over 60 international sport federations and associations to celebrate friendship and the spirit of sport.

The night began with socialising over free flowing drinks, music and fun, which followed with a brief opening speech by our IFMA President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan. Dr Tapsuwan welcomed the distinguished guests and sportsman and congratulated the newly appointed President of the Alliance of Independent Members of SportAccord (AIMS) our very own Mr Stephan Fox.

Read More

2015 SportAccord Convention – Day 4 Recap

Day 4 at the SportAccord Convention was filled with many highlights as delegates and representatives from the sporting world came together and continued exchange sport and culture.

IFMA, the world-recognized governing body for the sport of amateur Muaythai had the opportunity to demonstrate at the Sport Demo Zone at the convention. Thai Muaythai athletes joining in with local Muaythai athletes from the Russian Muaythai Federation in showcasing the sport and cultural art form of Muaythai.

Read More