2015 University World Cup Opening Ceremony Highlights

The Ancient Art of Muay Boran

Muaythai Explained

Muaythai Anthem

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2015 University World Cup Opening Ceremony Highlights

Posted on Mar 23, 20151

The Ancient Art of Muay Boran

Posted on Nov 26, 20132

Muaythai Explained

Posted on Nov 26, 20133

Muaythai Anthem

Posted on Aug 25, 20124

Swiss Muaythai Federation Presents SIYG to UN

After their recent launch of IFMA’s Sport Is Your Gang social initiative, the Swiss Muaythai Federation had the opportunity to present and talk about the world-wide initiative at the UN headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland.

IFMA’s social initiative, Sport Is Your Gang, has been in active support for peace in local communities around the world, working in close partnership with Peace and Sport since 2011; since then, due to the active work by IFMA and our National Federations around the world, the social initiative was awarded the Spirit of Sport award by SportAccord in 2014.

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Slovenian Muaythai Federation Shows Their Support for Peace and Sport

The Slovenian Muaythai Federation joined in the world-wide Peace and Sport international 2015 #WhiteCard campaign, Play Your Peace. The federation also organized a day of free training for youth at the local Scorpion Gym, after which all the participants raised a white card or “blanc carton,” in support of the global movement for peace around the world.

Muaythai has been in close partnership with Peace and Sport since 2011 and the IFMA social initiative, Sport is Your Gang, has been in active support for peace in local communities around the world, working in conjunction with Peace and Sport.

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Muaythai Preparing for the 2015 SportAccord Convention

The sport of Muaythai, under the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur, has been a proud member of SportAccord (formerly known as GAISF) since 2006 and has been an active and present exhibitor at every convention since then. Officially recognized by the IOC, SportAccord is the umbrella organisation for all (Olympic and non-Olympic) international sports federations as well as organisers of multi-sports games and sport-related international associations. IFMA has been in every SportAccord Convention from Seoul to Beijing, Athens to Denver, Dubai to London, and St. Petersburg to Antalya just last year.

This year, IFMA will be going to Sochi to once again attend the convention from April 19-24, and will represent Muaythai, the cultural art and competition sport in order to take Muaythai to the highest sporting recognition. A huge IFMA delegation from around the world will travel to Sochi, lead by IFMA President, Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan.

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IFMA Congratulates Mr Froehlich


Great honor for Ron Froehlich

Ron Froehlich, Honorary Life President of the International World Games Association, has been named an Alabama Sports Hall of Fame Distinguished American Sportsman for 2015. This was announced by the Board of Directors of the State of Alabama Sports Hall of Fame on Sunday. The 47th Annual Induction Ceremony will be held on Saturday, May 16, 2015, at the Sheraton Birmingham Hotel.

Ron Froehlich said about the announcement: “Of course I feel honored. But I am convinced that this induction gives reputation to The World Games, too. It will help to promote this event.” The 11th edition of The World Games will be held in Birmingham/Alabama in 2021. IWGA President José Perurena sent his congratulations to his predecessor in office: “This induction is well deserved because for more than two decades Ron Froehlich was the engine of The World Games. Moreover, he made our success happen.”

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IFMA MUWC Highlights

This year’s IFMA Muaythai University World Cup, under FISU patronage, has been a highly successful event, which was made possible through the cooperation of all the IFMA National Federations, organizers and all stakeholders involved.

The adage “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is well known and we are all familiar as to how a simple picture can convey complex ideas and emotions to the audience. We’ll leave you with images from the final night of fights, courtesy of ZRS Gamboa Photography. Thank you once again to all the participants, coaches and officials for competing and working together to bring the cultural art and sport of Muaythai to the highest sporting recognition.

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Italy Muaythai Junior Team Preparing for the Royal World Cup

Federazione Italiana Muaythai (FIMT) recently held a special qualification event for the Junior Muaythai team which will participate in the upcoming 2015 IFMA Royal World Cup in Bangkok, Thailand.  The selection process was carefully carried out to evaluate the athletic and psychological aptitude of the young Muaythai athletes which was conducted by a special team funded by CONI, the National Olympic Committee of Italy.

The special process and lengths to which FIMT is going to, with the support of their National Olympic Committee, shows how important youth are in the sport of Muaythai and that as they are our future, we must do all we can to ensure that they are protected and properly trained in the sport and cultural art form of Muaythai. Read More

IFMA the Only Non-IOC Recognized Sport Nominated for Ultimate Sports Federation Awards

The category shortlists were announced on March 31 for the international sports federations and associations that are vying to become winners in the inaugural SportBusiness Ultimate Sports Federation Awards.

Unveiled exclusively in a SportBusiness Intelligence Webinar this morning in association with SportAccord Convention World Sport & Business Summit, which featured a panel discussion with several of the external award judges, the category shortlists have been named for six of the nine categories. The contenders for the remaining three categories as well as the final 10 contenders for the SportBusiness Ultimate Sports Federation accolade itself will be unveiled exclusively in a second Webinar on Monday, April 13 featuring more of the external awards judges. Read More

Greece Promoting Muaythai for Every Body

Muaythai is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Ever since the recognition of Muaythai by SportAccord, The International World Games Association (IWGA), the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), and other world sport bodies, Muaythai has been garnering more and more attention as the sport continues on the path towards highest sporting recognition.

The Panhellenic Muaythai Federation (PMF), held a special event in Athens, Greece, for kids and adults. The event was a friendly meeting for all interested stakeholders from young children to athletes in their prime to older adults were able to witness and experience the sport and cultural art form that is Muaythai. Participants were able to see that Muaythai is for every body, regardless of whether it is practised for fitness, self defence, or competitive sport, the safety of its athletes comes first. Read More

SportAccord President Marius Vizer: Sport is My Life

Lausanne, Switzerland: With just under a month to go for the SportAccord Convention World Sport and Business Summit in Sochi, Russia, SportAccord President, Marius L. Vizer spoke with Euronews about his tenure in office ahead of the presidential elections during the annual meeting of the sports industry.

“SportAccord has platforms that deliver services to members. We are starting a lot of platforms for international federations, as well as providing solutions for raising money, generating exposure and increasing attractiveness of sports,” said Mr. Vizer, ahead of an expected return to the presidency of SportAccord for a 4-year term.

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Pernilla Johansson Elected as New President of Swedish Muaythai

Pernilla Johannson needs no introduction in the world of female Muaythai. She made her way up through the ranks from the Swedish, to the Nordic, to IFMA and WMC World Champion. After her impressive career and outstanding accomplishments in the ring, Pernilla continued her journey in the sport at the Swedish Muaythai Federation and began work in her social involvement through Frysbox. She also became the Chairwoman of the IFMA Youth Commission, and was the winner of the 2014 Spirit of Muaythai award for her outstanding contribution to Muaythai and the community.

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2015 Royal World Cup Press Conference

Over 200 participants from national federations, national and international press joined the press conference for the 2015 IFMA Royal World Cup. History will be made in Thailand from August 13-22, when for the first time, the 3 Royal Cups given to Muaythai will come together for one major event.

His Majesty the King’s trophy will be given to the best male national team, Her Majesty the Queen’s trophy will go to the best female national team, and HRH the Crown Prince’s trophy will go to the best junior team. Read More

And The Winner Is: Lima, Peru 2017 World Combat Games

Lausanne, Switzerland: SportAccord recently announced that the third edition of the World Combat Games will be organised in Lima, Peru in the end of 2017. The agreement to organise the event in the capital city of Peru was signed between Marius L. Vizer, president of SportAccord and José Quiñones González, the president of the Peru Olympic Committee.

Organised with the full support of the International Federations, the World Combat Games are due to be composed of 16 sports, 6 of which are in the Olympics and the remaining 10 are non-Olympic sports. Over 2500 athletes in 33 disciplines and 135 categories will participate in the 2017 edition of the event in Lima. The event will be broadcast live around the world in over 100 territories and also streamed live over the internet, apart from highlights and news coverage. Read More

Farewell to an Outstanding Event

In IFMA tradition, an important function and party was held for all the athletes, officials, and volunteers to come together in friendship as there are no losers in Muaythai. The party was hosted by IFMA President Dr Sakchye Tapsuwan and the Director General of the Department of Physical Education of Thailand, Dr Patanachart Kridiborworn in a grand ball room with great entertainment, smiling faces all around, and athletes mingling together. Friendship is the most important part of the sport. In Muaythai, we never look down on anyone, only to help people back on their feet.

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