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Iranian athlete honoured for Asian Championships success

The Asian Championships took place in December in Macau. Iran sent a team of two athletes, claiming one gold medal. This success was recently honoured.

Overall Winners Of The 2018 Asian Championships In Macao

7 days of close battles between Asia and Oceana’s best national teams come to an end with Macao securing 2 gold medals; 1 male, Tak Chuen Suen and 1 female, Si Long Tam, the light and bright of the entire country. The overall medal tally made Thailand the winning team of the 2018 Asian Championships. […]

And the Best Athletes of the Asian Championships 2018 Are…

The Asian Championships had brought together some of Asia and Oceana’s best elite athletes. After an eventful 7 days, 17 categories received their gold medals. The award gala then decides at every event who the 2 outstanding male and female athletes are: