A Royal Thank You from IFMA

IFMA’s Visit to HRH Crown Prince of Thailand

HRH the Crown Prince of Thailand with the Honorable General KullavanijayaIFMA, FAMA and all member countries would like to thank the Royal family of Thailand for their support in making Muaythai a world recognized sport.

Muaythai has been included in GAISF and in doing so has become a truly recognized world sport and a member of the Olympic movement.

His Royal Highness the Crown Prince of Thailand gave a private audience to the President of GAISF, and the President and General Secretary of IFMA at His Palace. He thanked the GAISF President for his support in getting Muaythai recognized as an official world sport and he also asked to push forward to get Muaythai IOC Recognized. He also thanked IFMA representatives for their hard work and has asked them to  keep working  hard to make Muaythai even more popular in pursuit of the Olympic dream.


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