HRH Princess Siriwanwalee Nareerat

Princes Cup

Her Royal Highness Princess Siriwanwalee Nareerat gives out the Best Fighters Award.

HRH Princess Siriwanwalee

Amy Birch and Kurt Finlayson received awards from Her Royal Highness Princess Siriwanwalee Nareerat for being named as Best Boxer at the IFMA Prince’s Cup. Her Royal Highness presided over both the opening and closing ceremony of the Championship.


Her Royal Highness Her Royal Highness Princess Siriwanwalee gives plaque of Appreciation to IFMA Members.

The inclusion of Muaythai in GAISF certainly fills the Kingdom of Thailand with joy. Muaythai can now call itself a true world sport, a member of the Olympic movement and can sit on the same table with all the other world recognized sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Volley ball and so on.

This was achieved through the hard work of all committed IFMA executives from around the world. Her Royal Highness gave out plaques of appreciation in the name of IFMA to all those who have had an important impact in the development of Muaythai and its inclusion in GAISF.

This is a tremendous honor for IFMA and our executives.

Thank you Your Royal Highness.

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