Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu

Message from Ching-Kuo Wu

IOC Member, President International Boxing Association (AIBA)


As the President of the AIBA, I am honoured to be here tonight to make a contribution and show support for IFMA’s efforts to be recognised by the IOC and included in the World Games. Muaythai has steadily gained international recognition over the years, being included in many international multi-sport games, and recognised by SportAccord, OCA, and TAFISA, which are all partners recognised by the IOC.

Being a world-recognised sporting federation brings a number of serious responsibilities and duties, especially with regard to youngsters. It is an honourable duty to help guide and influence today’s youth, as they are our future. From the bottom of my heart, I wish to thank and congratulate IFMA on the launch of ‘Sport Is Your Gang’, to use sports champions as role models for youth at risk. This campaign is being launched in cooperation with IOC partner, Peace and Sport.

Again, I’m truly honoured to be here with so many dignitaries from the sporting world, the President of SportAccord, the President of the International World Games, the Royal Thai Government, and the Thai National Olympic Committee. I wish IFMA all the best in their endeavours for recognition by the IOC.

Message from Ching-Kuo Wu
IOC Member & President of AIBA

As the President of the International Boxing Association, I am proud to make a contribution to the sport of muaythai and its 2010 World Championships. The global growth of this sport is inspiring to all other martial arts spread around the world. Much dedication and passion has in fact been put into the development of muaythai and its expansion, with great results.

Bangkok however still represents, up-to-date, the centre of the sport, due to the traditional cultural linkage. It is therefore the perfect location to stage such an event.

I have been responsible to maintain a transparent, trustable and professionally operated governing body within my federation. I also believe that it is all of our duties to watch over our athletes and particularly youngsters in order to influence the upcoming generation for a better future.

My congratulations go then to IFMA for the excellent results they have been reaching throughout, and more specifically for their achievement in previous Championships, which surely will be reflected once more this year. Furthermore I wish all of the athletes the best of luck and I take this opportunity to send my greetings to His Majesty the King of Thailand for a happy 83rd birthday, other than a long, healthy, and prosper life.


 Message from Dr. Ching-Kuo Wu

IOC Member and President of International Boxing Association (AIBA)

I am honored to be a part of the evergrowing sport of muaythai and also proud to be able to share my passion for boxing with the rest of the world.

Muaythai is simply more than a sport.  It is a legacy, a national treasure and an ancient style of martial art from the Kingdom of Thailand.  What used to be practiced only by military personnel and royalties as a most effective form of fighting art, it is at present accessible to all people with enthusiasm for the sport.  The technique and principle has changed and evolved with time and it is now an ardent form of sport practiced in more than 100 countries through out the five continents around the world.

I am excited and looking forward to this year’s World Championships in Bangkok, which is also the official qualifying event for the 2010 Sportaccord Combat games in which for the first time the 13 IOC and/or Sportaccord recognised combat sports will come together for a games of its kind.

I take this opportunity to wish His Majesty the King of Thailand greatest happiness and health on his 82nd birthday.  Best wishes to all the participants and organisers of the World Championships and I hope you all will enjoy the Games to the fullest.


Message from Ching-Kuo Wu
IOC Member
International Boxing Association (AIBA) President

The World Sport for All Games, under the patronage of the IOC, is an important gathering to promote sport as a way of life.   It also brings together different cultures and traditions that have been passed down through time-honored sports from one generation to another.

Muaythai is an ancient art and, just as significant, it’s a science, culture and sport, combining high values with healthy competitiveness.  Muaythai, like boxing, is a sport of determination, strength and intelligence.

Muaythai is one of the main sports in the TAFISA Games and it is a special honor for all athletes that IFMA has received permission to stage its World Championships as part of the sports program.

I had the privilege of taking part in the last IFMA World Championships that were held in honor of His Majesty the King of Thailand’s 80th birthday celebrations. The competition was of the highest standard. I wish everyone traveling from the 75 countries the best of luck for the competition.

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