Mr. Ser Miang Ng

Message from Ser Miang Ng
IOC Executive Board Member
Vice President Singapore National Olympic Council

Sport of any kind has the power to unite and bring together cultures and races from all parts of the globe. Sport thrives in the spirit of fair play, ethical behavior and brings out grace in winning and losing.

The World Sport for All Games under patronage of the IOC, the UNESCO and WHO is more than a competition. It is the World Sports Cultural Festival and a unique opportunity to bring together thousands of years of sport and culture.

Muaythai is one of the main sports in the Games and it combines centuries of ancient tradition. The International Federation of Muaythai Amateur, the world governing body for muaythai and a member of GAISF is one of the main sports in the World Sport for All Games and the fact that 75 countries from all 5 continents will come together to be part of the Games and the IFMA World Championship shows that muaythai truly has become a global sport.

I would like to congratulate IFMA on the idea of the cultural exchange program between IFMA member countries and the city of Busan and participating schools. This is in line with the true Olympic spirit – to come together in friendly competition, exchange cultures and depart as friends. I wish all participants the best of luck and a memorable time in the beautiful city of Busan.

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