Mr. Walther Tröger

Message from Walther Tröger
IOC Member
Chairman Sport for All Commission, IOC

The Sport For All Commission is delighted that the traditional sport of muaythai under the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur is included this year as one of the main sports in the TAFISA World Sport for All Games, officially patronized by the IOC.

Muaythai is a martial art and sport that is as effective in combat as it is an activity that keeps the body fit and the mind sharp. As a ring sport, muaythai has fantastic spectator appeal. The skillful use of the body’s 8 weapons – elbows, fists, knees and kicks bring an extra-special appeal to the fighting world.

As we all know, sport is always a great tool to unite people in every country – it is the time to forget the differences of race, politics and nationality. The 2008 IFMA World Championships at the TAFISA World Sport for All Games is certainly about all nations coming together for the love of muaythai and the spirit of sportsmanship as well as friendship.

I would like to express my warmest greetings to all the athletes and officials who have come to Busan to be part of the games. May luck be with you in the competition.

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