Muaythai offers respite and hope for young Afghan athletes

Young muaythai athletes from conflict-stricken regions join the celebrations at the muaythai Asian Championships   – travelling from Afghanistan and other regions to the beautiful , bustling Macau. Read More

Muaythai Athletes Honoured and Awarded for Their Sporting Achievements

After a busy summer of Muaythai action, many of the winning athletes have been honoured with awards in their home countries in recognition of their achievements. Winning a medal is about much more than sport, as these athletes are role models to inspire the next generation in physical health and mental strength. Read More

Muaythai a Knock out Hit at the AIMAGs

26 Asian countries sent official teams to the 4th Asian Indoor Martial Art Games and the overall performance of the athletes have shown that the sport of muaythai is truly safe in Asia.

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