Hat Trick for world champions Alena Leshkevich and Sofia Olofsson

Alena Leshkevich and Sofia Olofsson celebrating the third consecutive gold medal of the World Muaythai Championships

Alena Leshkevich and Sofia Olofsson continue to show amazing results with both taking their third gold medal at the world championships this year. Read More

Suppachai ‘Superbon’ Meunsang is counting down to The World Games 2017!

Suppachai ‘Superbon’ Meunsang doing the ritual Wai Khru during the IFMA 2017 World Championhips IMAGE: LordK2 for IFMA

Muaythai is at The World Games for the first time this year, and the pressure is on athletes from the home of the sport Thailand to bring home gold from the huge event in Poland. Read More

Clean sheet for anti-doping checks at IFMA World Championships

Anti-doping officials wait for IFMA medal winners 2017 Championships

IFMA is proud to say independent doping tests carried out during the recent World Championships found all athletes negative, and the principle of Fair Play in muaythai was understood by all.

Chair of the Medical Commission Dr Erdogan Aydin said: ‘I am proud to see that all of the athletes in Minsk could say ‘We are clean’.  Read More