IFMA team and national teams arrive in Minsk!

Muaythai teams are arriving - The Philippines, Peru, Russia and many more!

Muaythai teams are arriving – The Philippines, Peru, Russia and many more!

Athletes are arriving in Minsk this week but the Belarus local committee and IFMA officials have been working together closely for one month already on the ground.

The first to arrive were the Technical team led by Technical Director Dimity Putilin along with Sergey Kyimov and European Sport Director Gleb Kalita. The team was bolstered by IFMA Sport Director Charissa Tyran, IFMA Vice-Presidents Rafal Szlachta and Sue Glassey and then chair of the press commission Niamh Griffin. Today IFMA general secretary Stephan Fox was the last to arrive from the IFMA international office.

The Belarussian Federation led by general secretary Anatoly Simonchyk and the LOC have been working tirelessly to ensure that everything is in place when the first teams arrive.

The first teams touching down were Team Canada and Team USA, followed by Team Philippines and Team Australia – all travelling across continents to reach the capital city of Belarus.

Team USA and Team Canada on the ground in Minsk!

Team USA and Team Canada on the ground in Minsk!

Teams commented on the great arrival hospitality and the quality of the hotel, and the training facilities are available in all the athletes’ hotels.

Wednesday the airport in Minsk will see heavy traffic as over 50 teams will arrive from all five continents to get ready for the weigh-in and draw on the following day.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Press Conference, hosted by the Minister of Tourism and Sport inside the Sports Ministry to welcome the world of muaythai to Minsk.

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