Muaythai Goes In-flight

IFMA, the WMC and the producers of the hit TV show, The Challenger Muaythai, have joined forces to bring Muaythai to millions of people sitting in airline seats.  Read More

Thailand vs. Asia’s Roaring Success!

One of Malaysia’s major convention centres, Sunway Pyramid, was packed to bursting point with excited spectators and dignitaries ready for a spectacular event. Elite Boxing, which brought the concept “Thailand vs Challenger” to the world, put on a world class event under the sanctioning of the Malaysian Muaythai Association and the World Muaythai Council. Read More

Mardsua in Monaco for Youth and Sports

The national federation of Muaythai in Monaco (FMSCDA), with the support of IFMA, successfully ran a Muaythai seminar as part of the 2012 “Pass’Sport Culture Monaco Event 2012”, featuring none other than Muaythai champion, and winner of “The Challenger Muaythai”, Mardsua (Mr Pidsanu Kunchat).

Organised annually by the government of Monaco (Directorate for Education of the National Youth and Sports of Monaco), the event is aimed at students and youth, teenagers from 13 to 21 years old, as a healthy, holistic sports program to occupy the summer months.

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