The Knock-Out Power of Muaythai Tackles HIV in Ukraine

In Ukraine a medical campaign tackling HIV has harnessed the knock-out power of top athletes to raise awareness of health and choices. Muaythai champion Viktoria Ivanets is taking on the challenge with her usual determination. Read More

Belgian Muaythai Giving Back and Helping Children in Thailand

Anyone who practices Muaythai has a special place in their heart for Thailand, the country which gave the world this beautiful martial art. A visit there is a reminder that Muaythai is more than sport, and for Belgian Muaythai it was a reminder that giving back can be as rewarding as learning. Read More

Muaythai Charity continues in Spain

Having led some wonderful food and fund-raising events last year for the charity Caritas, last weekend the Spanish Muaythai Federation helped to organize “MUAYTHAI FOR “PABLO CHAMBA” in Barañain,  in the province of Navarre in northern Spain.

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