Muaythai a Repeat Hit at the SportAccord Convention

SportAccord Convention is the world’s premier annual event at the service of sport, focused on driving positive change internationally, and dedicated to engaging rights holders, organising committees, cities, businesses and other organisations for the development of sport.

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Muaythai towards IOC

It has been many, many years in the making, but now muaythai has earned the right to apply for the highest recognition in sports: IOC. Muaythai under IFMA is already recognised by the Olympic Committee of Asia (OCA), and by SportAccord, which unites 104 world-recognised sports, such as football (FIFA) and basketball (FIBA), to name a few.

Much planning has gone into preparations, and muaythai has been praised by WADA for their fair play focused, anti-doping program, and also their educational drug awareness efforts. Muaythai has also been recognised by TAFISA, Sport for All, and is included in many multi-sports games. April 3rd will be the official launch of the campaign for IOC recognition, but it will also be a historic day for many more reasons.
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