The World Games Hansel and Gretel do muaythai!!

2710 EC Croatia HG in the ring G kick

Gretel scores a point against Hansel! Euuu’ee!

The World Games mascots Hansel and Gretel have been visiting with us here in Croatia for the European Championships, and they bravely hopped over the ropes yesterday for their first experience of muaythai!

Eleven athletes who succeed at this EMF/ IFMA championships qualify for some of the final berths at The World Games in Wroclaw, Poland next year. They will join muaythai athletes from all over the world, many of whom already qualified at events like the IFMA World Championships in Sweden earlier this year. Read More

AGM of the European Muaythai Federation during European Championships

2510 EC Croatia EMF meeting group shot

The annual general meeting of the EMF took place on Day Two of the European Championships, a lively discussion with many plans to make for the future of our sport. Read More

EMF General Assembly

40 countries participated in this year’s EMF General Assembly, which was chaired by the new president of the EMF and the mayor of the beautiful city of Odessa, Mr Gennady Trukhanov . A special letter was sent from the National Olympic Council of Ukraine and International Olympic Committee Executive Board Member and one of the Olympic legends, Sergey Bubka.

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