The 2014 Open European Muaythai Clubs Cup

Latvia invites fighters to The 2014 Open European Muaythai Clubs Cup which is being held in Daugavpils, Latvia on the 30 May 2014 to the 1 June 2014.

This year it’s being held in memory of Dmitry Vorobyov, the Chief Judge of Latvian Muaythai Federation and international referee who passed away last year.

The event is a test for many athletes, 4 months before the European championships in Poland.

The Latvian Federation of Muaythai held a well organised and memorable, IFMA/EMF European Championship 2009 and is honoured to been selected to host this important event.

Final Count Down to the European Championship 2011, Antalya 23rd -29th April

In just 3 days, one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations Antalya, Turkey will host the IFMA 2011 European Championships. Over thirty countries and 300 participants will come together for this one week event organised by the Turkish Muaythai Federation with the full support of the Turkish Sports Ministry, National Olympic Committee and European Muaythai Federation under the umbrella of IFMA.