FINAL DAY: Who Will Be the Champion?

Today is the final day of the IFMA World Championships 2012. The question is, who will win the overall championship? Will it be Thailand? Will it be the home country, Russia, with the whole nation behind them? Will it be Ukraine? Or will it be Belarus? These are the four countries on top of the medal table.

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IFMA World Championship Finals

The last day of the IFMA world championship was without a doubt a day which will remain in the memory of athletes and spectators alike.

The stadium was pack to bursting and over 10,000 people had to be turned away as there was no more room, not even to stand.

The Championship was televised on every TV station in Uzbekistan as well as all Russian speaking countries. The President of the Olympic committee of Uzbekistan, The President for the committee of Sports and Martial Arts and many other VIPs were present in the VIP section.

As it came down to counting the final points to decide on the 2011 overall champion it was an exceedingly close competition, between this year’s host Uzbekistan, Thailand, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine and Belorussia.

Uzbekistan was literally on fire and took home the most medals this year.

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IFMA Finals at Sanam Sueapa

Over 20,000 spectators turned up to watch the 2010 IFMA World Championship Finals.

The VIP section was packed with representatives of national sport authorities, the Olympic movement and the Royal Thai government.

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