FITNESS FIRST Pack a Punch in your Work Out

FITNESS FIRST Personal Trainers around the world are starting to get ready for one of the fastest growing sports in the world, muaythai.

Muaythai burns more calories than any other aerobic based fitness workout, and is the perfect way to relieve stress and forget the everyday worries.

It provides a balanced approach to physical and mental fitness. The FITNESS FIRST management has incorporated muaythai training and routines into their health clubs and has joined in partnership with the world governing body of muaythai, the WMC and its aFitness Firstiliated National Federations.

Who could be a better person than Contender Asia and Challenger Muaythai host & mentor Stephan Fox, and real expert in muaythai Contender Asia & Challenger Muaythai trainer Hanarong along with the super stars of the national federations to get FITNESS FIRST Personal Trainers ready to incorporate muaythai into the fitness regimes.

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FITNESS FIRST in Muaythai Fever “Muaythai for Every Body”

FITNESS FIRST, the world’s largest fitness chain with over 430 clubs with over 1.3 million members globally has adopted muaythai into their fitness programs.

FITNESS FIRST, a staunch supporter of muaythai and Contender Asia and one of the main sponsors of The Challenger Muaythai, is now incorporating muaythai into FITNESS FIRST health clubs for their members to learn and incorporate Muaythai techniques with high energy levels, strength and agility into your fitness regime.

To celebrate the launch of “Muaythai for Fitness”, a special press workshop was held at FITNESS FIRST Malaysia.
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Fitness First Goes Muaythai Crazy

After the success of the hit TV shows Contender Asia and Biggest Loser Asia, of which Fitness First was not just a sponsor, but also a training partner, muaythai has become hugely popular in the world’s leading fitness gym.

Personal trainers are now faced with high demand for personal one to one boxercise training sessions, as it is clear to gym goers that nothing burns more calories than a muaythai work out.

All over Asia, Fitness First gyms are holding clinics for their personal trainers to qualify them as trained pad holders, putting them a step ahead of the rest.