IFMA and UAE working together to provide referee training in the Arab region

Referee training seminar in UAE with eight federations and IFMA muaythai referees

Referee training seminar in UAE with eight federations and IFMA muaythai referees

A key workshop for the development of muaythai in the Arab region took place when referees from eight countries attended training with senior IFMA referees in Abu Dhabi. Referees are the third person in the ring and their understanding of fair play, clean sport and the rules of muaythai are crucial to a successful event. Read More

The Pride of Persia – Farinaz Lari

Farinaz Lari needs no introduction in the world of Muaythai, she is a sporting legend in her birth country the Islamic Republic of Iran, and Canada where she is working in the sporting industry. Farinaz is known for her truly outstanding sportsmanship, her outgoing and pleasant personality, but in the ring, she is feared for the lightning speed and skills. She is part of the IFMA Athletes’ Commission, continuing to promote Muaythai especially in the Islamic world.

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Sue Glassey, IFMA Female Comission Chair on the rise of women in Muaythai

Sue Glassey, IFMA Vice President and former world champion shared how the world of sport has changed for women in recent years and what has been achieved by IFMA’s Female Commission of which she is Chairperson.

Thailand is only 50 days out from the opening of the 2015 IFMA Royal World Cup. With around 100 teams participating this will be the largest of any IFMA world event to date. The substantial increase in entrants can be accounted for by an increase in the total number of countries attending and the considerable growth of both female and junior competitors. This significant rise in female and junior involvement at national and international levels indicate Muaythai’s enormous gain in popularity worldwide. Read More