Hat Trick for world champions Alena Leshkevich and Sofia Olofsson

Alena Leshkevich and Sofia Olofsson celebrating the third consecutive gold medal of the World Muaythai Championships

Alena Leshkevich and Sofia Olofsson continue to show amazing results with both taking their third gold medal at the world championships this year. Read More

Youth athletes moving up to join the senior muaythai levels

Alexander Chavez Peru takes his first senior gold

IFMA runs a strong youth programme, with an annual Youth World Championships as the focus, and a number of those young athletes graduated to senior ranks at the Cancun 2018 championships. Some even won medals on their first outing, proving the value of competition at a young age. Read More

Pan-American muaythai federations planning for the future during WC Cancun 2018

The heads of the Pan-American muaythai federations met together during the world muaythai championships to make plans for the future development of amateur muaythai in the region. Read More