Mexico National Muaythai Championships draw a full house!

Mexican referees at the National Championships 2017

It was national muaythai championships time for Mexico recently and they put on a real show for the crowds. Read More

The muaythai mother who won gold at the IFMA World Championships!

Irina Larionova, world champion 75kgs and muaythai mother! With Roman Nasonov
Image LordK2 for IFMA

Winning an IFMA gold medal, and doing it while caring for a young child might seem impossible but not for Irina Larinova.

The Russian world champion and her 14-month old son Fedor are a regular sight at IFMA muaythai championships. Last year she claimed the European title when he was just seven months old. And at the World Championships in Minsk she took 75kgs gold as the little boy watched from the stands. Read More

Pan-American federations meeting during IFMA World Championships


Pan-American meeting during the World Championships

Seven of IFMA’s Pan-American federations held a meeting during the World Championships this week to discuss development of muaythai in the region. Read More