Youth athletes honour the history of muaythai in Muay Boran contest

Everyone has seen the famous Ong Bak movie, which made Muay Boran world-famous and showed the effectiveness of the unarmed combat from the old battlefieds of Siam.This week the young athletes took these ancient maneuvers and made them their own. Read More

Youth athletes win medals at the Muay Talay Championships during the World Championships

A successful Muay Talay contest took place today at the event hotel, bringing the young athletes together for a competitive but fun afternoon. Read More

Day 3 at the muaythai Youth World Championships

What an exciting day of muaythai with the youngest athletes battling it out in two rings while their teenage peers faced each other in another two, and the crowds were treated to such high quality action it was hard to tell these were young athletes.

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