Italian Youth striving for excellence

The Italian Muaythai Federation brought the IFMA educational system IGLA to gyms in all the regions providing the youth with the basic elements of Muaythai, and ensuring that they can adopt universal techniques of the sport. Read More

iGLA Heads to Italy

The Olympic Centre in the historic city of Rome, Italy was the venue for the iGLA instructors course on the 2nd 3rd and 4th of November. Ajarn Sawaeng and Ajarn Somnuek are 2 of the leading instructors within Thailand in both Muaythai and Muay Boran and flew to the national capital to share their wealth of knowledge. Read More

Young athletes in Iraq qualify for the youth world muaythai championships

Iraq muaythai held qualifiers for the IFMA Youth World Championships with over 60 young athletes entering the tournament. The Youth Worlds will be held in August. Read More