King Bhumibol Trophy

April 3rd was one of the most glorious occasions in the history of Muaythai, for so many reasons. His Majesty the King donated a Royal Trophy in his own name towards the ultimate fighter for this event, and it was truly an incredible evening of ceremony, competition and culture. Read More

Jordan Watson will proudly raise the Union Jack



Jordan Watson, the pretty boy of English muaythai, is proudly representing the United Kingdom at the King’s Cup 2010.

Jordan, a true ambassador in the art of muaythai, has been competing since the age of 6 years old, starting his career as the English Junior Champion.

Jordan is known for his technical abilities and ‘never die’ attitude, as well as for his blessing character.

Jordan said: “I may be the smallest in weight, but I am the biggest at heart and King’s Cup is not just about muaythai. In football it used to be every player’s dream to play once in a lifetime at Wembley, in muaythai it is everyone’s dream to fight once at the King’s birthday”.

He went on stating: “Every fighter in the event is a superstar in their own rights, and regardless who ends up winning the trophy, we will all fight with honour and pride”.