New Zealand’s Taylor Triplets – a real muaythai family

The fighting fit Taylor Triplets from New Zealand!

The fighting fit Taylor Triplets from New Zealand!

In IFMA we like to talk about being a family and for some of our athletes that term has even more meaning than most!

These triplets from New Zealand all competed at the IFMA Youth Championships last year. Yes, that’s one fit and healthy family. We don’t imagine there is a lot of chocolate or ice-cream in their fridge even though they are so young. Read More

The Kiwis are Ready to Rock the Royal World Cup!

This will be the biggest team NZ has ever sent to the World championships and definitely the biggest junior team. With 35 + athletes and over 40 supporters traveling to Bangkok, mostly mums and dads who have put in countless hours to support their children as they train and prepare for the championships. This year’s team will also boast the largest female athlete delegation in the history of Team NZ! Read More

Muaythai Fights Child Abuse

New Zealand has one of the highest statistics for child abuse and negligence. As part of IFMA’s social responsibilities and activities, this is an important issue for prevention and raising awareness and funds for support programs.

Former Muaythai champions and superstars, who now have families of their own, have joined forces to participate in this event. They have volunteered to put on the gloves again for this special night, to raise money and awareness. Seventy-five percent of proceeds will be donated towards “Child Matters” which will go towards their awareness programmes, education and training programmes and youth and families support.

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