IFMA/FAMA Meeting in Kuala Lumpur

IFMA General Secretary Stephan Fox, FAMA General Secretary Mervyn Tan, Malaysian NF President/FAMA Vice President Dato Shah, IFMA Legal Advisor Luis Rivera & Ms. Yulia Askhadulina and President of Singaporean NF Terence Cheah met in Kuala Lumpur for a working meeting to discuss and resolve various issues in the South East Asian region. Read More

Education… Prevention is the Cure

Fair play is part of the foundation of Muaythai. One of the most important aspects that IFMA concentrates on is education. National Federations and athletes must both be equipped to know about anti-doping issues, how to prevent doping violations, and how to access the resources they need to stay informed. Read More

Malaysia Promotes 2014 World Championships

Lausanne, the world capitol for top sport organisations was the perfect venue to promote the 2014 World Championships. Tony Nagamaiah, General Manager of Malaysia Major Events, one of the main sponsors of this year’s IF Forum used the 2014 IFMA World Championships as an example of the cooperation between government, NF and the IF to create a major event. Read More