Muaythai Instructor Workshop Singapore

FAMA General Secretary and again elected President of the Singapore Muaythai association, Mervyn Tan will continue with the vision to grow MUAYTHAI in Singapore to the highest possible level. This must be done with the proper youth development work.

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An honour for Singaporean Muaythai

On 6th February 2013, the international Muaythai community together with local dignitaries and officials celebrated Muaythai Day. This annual event honors King Sanphet VIII (also known as “Phra Chao Suea” the “Tiger King”), who was renowned for his enthusiasm and love of Muaythai, often disguising himself as a commoner, in order to participate at local events and to spar with local champions. The sport and art flourished during his reign.

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Muaythai Contender

After the global success of the original Contender series, Imagine OmniMedia is partnering with Mark Burnett Productions to bring a new reality TV series “The Contender Asia” to Singapore and the world, which will feature 16 of the world’s best middleweight Muaythai fighters as selected by the World Muaythai Council, the official sanctioning body for the show.

By showing the world the beauty and excitement of the sport and the hard training and life stories of the athletes, the highly anticipated new series will certainly raise the profile of Muaythai even further in the mainstream in every corner of the globe, and will earn some of the already well known Muaythai personalities celebrity status, while the winner will take home a massive paycheck.

The official press conference was held in Singapore on Wednesday July 11th, hosted by Imagine OmniMedia CEO Mr Riaz Mehta, Media Authority of Singapore CEO Dr Christopher Chia and a representative from DBS Bank.

Stay tuned to the WMC website for all Contender Asia information and weekly update.