Belgian Muaythai Giving Back and Helping Children in Thailand

Anyone who practices Muaythai has a special place in their heart for Thailand, the country which gave the world this beautiful martial art. A visit there is a reminder that Muaythai is more than sport, and for Belgian Muaythai it was a reminder that giving back can be as rewarding as learning. Read More

First teams get weighed-in and checked ready for the muaythai Youth World Championships!

Time to get weighed-in and meet the doctors!

It has begun. Nearly 70 teams out of an expected 83 teams are already checked into Bangkok for the Youth World Championships with a record number of delegates expected ti bring the overall number to close to 1,200. Read More

Press conference to launch the muaythai Youth World Championships 2018

The Royal Thai Government, The Amateur Muaythai Association under Royal Patronage and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur made a combined press conference and there could not have been a more appropriate venue than the arena itself.

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