IFMA Athletes’ Commission head attends WADA Global Athlete Forum

The head of the IFMA Athletes Commission attended the first WADA Global Athlete Forum in Canada, along with over 100 athletes from 54 countries. Read More

Clean sheet for anti-doping checks at IFMA World Championships

Anti-doping officials wait for IFMA medal winners 2017 Championships

IFMA is proud to say independent doping tests carried out during the recent World Championships found all athletes negative, and the principle of Fair Play in muaythai was understood by all.

Chair of the Medical Commission Dr Erdogan Aydin said: ‘I am proud to see that all of the athletes in Minsk could say ‘We are clean’.  Read More

How to keep muaythai a clean sport under IFMA!

Muaythai athletes competing at IFMA events know muaythai is a proudly clean sport with zero tolerance for doping.

IFMA works within the guidelines of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) to promote fairplay. Some athletes may need to take medication but they must apply for special permission if this medicine is on the WADA Prohibited List for 2017.

WADA prepares a new list of prohibited medicines every year and all athletes and coaches must know which medicines are on the list. Read More