Austrian muaythai puts the focus on women in sport

Nina Scheucher Austria in Cancun for the World Championships Pic Jeff Dojillo




When we talk about women in sport, practical action needs to follow to make sure women are comfortable in muaythai. The Austrian federation is doing just that with a national gender programme. Read More

Hat Trick for world champions Alena Leshkevich and Sofia Olofsson

Alena Leshkevich and Sofia Olofsson celebrating the third consecutive gold medal of the World Muaythai Championships

Alena Leshkevich and Sofia Olofsson continue to show amazing results with both taking their third gold medal at the world championships this year. Read More

Congratulations Svetlana Vinnikova named Athlete of the Month by IWGA!

IFMA and the muaythai world congratulates Svetlana Vinnikova named as Athlete of the Month by The World Games organisation. Read More