​IFMA World Championships May 2016 Third and final day of the Sports Conference.

This morning over 400 delegates from the world of sport gathered to hear about the next stages in IFMA’s progress towards Olympic recognition. Including today there are three more days of fights, but members carved out the time to continue their focus on social responsibility, and the future of their sport.  Read More

Ajarn Paiboon and Ajarn Radom receives the Golden Mongkol

Ajarn Paiboon and Ajarn Radom needs no introduction to the Muaythai community. Ajarn Radom, the former chairman of the technical commission at the famous Lumpinee Boxing Stadium as well as chairman of the WMC technical board and Ajarn Paiboon, chairman of the IFMA technical commission and the technical delegate for the last World Combat Games was honoured to accept the Golden Mongkol. Read More

Re-Live Best Moments of World Combat Games 2013

SportAccord is offering members & friends a chance to re-live the best and most memorable moments of the 2nd edition of the World Combat Games. Read More

World Combat Games Breaks All Records… Thank you SportAccord!

The 8-day multi-sport event showcases the 15 recognised both Olympic and Non-Olympic combat sports. The 2nd edition which was again under patronage of the IOC was held in one of the most historically rich cities in the world, St. Petersburg, Russia. Read More

World Combat Games

Pictures say more than words.
Congratulations to all the champions of the World Combat Games under patronage of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). Read More

SportAccord’s VDO on Muaythai at the World Combat Games

We are pleased to introduce you to the special video presentation that was produced by SportAccord for the recent World Combat Games in St. Petersburg Russia. Read More

Muaythai says “Thank you, Spasibo Saint Petersburg”

7 days in one of the most beautiful and historic city of Russia, St Petersburg came to an end and IFMA would like to thank everyone for organizing such a fantastic event.

Firstly, we thank SportAccord for their vision with the World Combat Games. Together with the Government of the Russian Federation, city of Saint Petersburg, and RUMA they have made tremendous effort to ensure that all participants enjoy the event. Special thanks to the Russian Muaythai Federation for their hard work and we congratulate them for becoming ultimate team champion.

And certainly, we thank all athletes, volunteers and spectators that came from all over the world and created such an electrifying atmosphere in St Petersburg.

These games have been extraordinary and we thank all the officials that ensured fair play, and the also must appreciation must be given to the organizers and the host country for all efforts and hard work that made World Combat Games 2013 such a memorable event.

Watch The SportAccord World Combat Games Live Online!

The SportAccord World Combat Games are now happening in St Petersburg in Russia. SportAccord have made live streams available for each day so you can see all the sporting action.

Go to their YouTube account page to view all available videos or choose the link for the corresponding day below to view the live stream:


World Combat Games [20th of October]

World Combat Games [21st of October]

World Combat Games [22nd of October]

World Combat Games [23rd of October]

World Combat Games [24th of October]

World Combat Games [25th of October]

World Combat Games [26th of October]

World Combat Games [27th of October, FINAL]

Doping-Free World Combat Games

Doping-Free World Combat Games

Athletes and technical officials participating in the Combat Games are bound to and must comply with the SportAccord Anti-Doping Rules during the Period of the World Combat Games (14 – 26 October 2013). These rules, which are compliant with the World Anti-Doping Code and its International Standards, can be downloaded from the doping-free section of the event website: http://www.worldcombatgames.com

  Read More

IFMA’s Sport Integrity Conference: Launch of the WCG RealPlayer

The afternoon session of IFMA’s Sport Integrity Conference saw a full house in the conference hall of the Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel. Everyone was excited for the launch of the SportAccord e-learning resource, the World Combat Games RealPlayer, eager for a taste of the same programme that WCG athletes will soon be completing online all over the world.

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Sport Integrity: IFMA officially launches SportAccord World Combat Games E-learning Programme

This morning, September 13th in Bangkok, Thailand, marks the official world launch of the World Combat Games Programme, called “RealPlayer”.

RealPlayer is aSport Integrity online education coursedeveloped by SportAccord, and specifically tailored for the athletes participating to the upcoming World Combat Games (WCG) taking place from October 18th-26th in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) has the honour of launching the program on behalf of SportAccord and will be the first of the 15 International Federations involved in the WCG to widely raise awareness among its officials and athletes about the importance and value of such education programs. The WCG sports are: Aikido, Boxing, Fencing, Judo, Ju-jitsu, Karate, Kendo, Kickboxing, Muaythai, Sambo, Savate, Sumo, Taekwondo, Wrestling and Wushu.

In a cooperative process, SportAccord, the World Combat Games organizers and the 15 Federations agreed to make the e-learning program mandatory for all athletes competing in the WCG.

IFMA is committed to joining the global fight to uphold sport integrity, and is proud to be able to play a role.

The Chairman of the WCG, Mr. Sergey Soloveychik, and the President of the National Olympic Committee of Thailand, General YuthasakSasiprapha, will open the launch ceremony at the Imperial Queen’s Park Hotel, Bangkok. Representatives from 10 of the 15 WCG Federations, universities, embassies, Muaythai athletes, and 75 of IFMA’s member countries will be the live audience introduced to the program which WCG athletes will be completing in the coming weeks.

Sport integrity issues, such as illegal sports betting and match-fixing, appear more and more frequently on the world stage, and it is necessary that international sport federations take the lead in providing their stakeholders with the resources to educate and protect themselves. The WCG are a great opportunity to join forces.

The increasing popularity of martial arts and combat sports worldwide is a driver for sophisticated criminal networks to find growing interest in targeting those sports and invest in a similar way as they have already in other world sports. With this significant “RealPlayer” step, the 15 Federations demonstrate that they are aware of the challenges which lie ahead.  The moment to take action is now. SportAccord is committed to support the move, and IFMA looks forward to be a driving force in the process.


Introducing the 51KG Female Hopefuls for WCG 2013

The 51 KG Female division will see the best of the best battling it out to become the World Combat Games Champion 2013. After 12 months of gruelling worldwide qualifications, it will be:

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15 Martial Arts and Combat Sports Meeting at the World Combat Games

15 Martial Arts

In 2010, Beijing saw the first SportAccord World Combat Games take place under patronage of the International Olympic Committee (IOC). The event was a great success and ensured a sequel: the second World Combat Games on the 18–26th of October in Saint Petersburg, Russia. The IOC has again given its patronage to the games. Read More

SportAccord World Combat Games Meeting

The representatives of the 15 SportAccord recognised combat sports came convened for a progress meeting in Lausanne chaired by new SportAccord Director General Vladimir Marinescu. Read More