Day 6 – the making of Champions!

3108 Medal ceremony girls

One of the many medal ceremonies – Thailand Russia, Vietnam and Kazakhstan :)

The final day of fights was a fitting end to a week of intense competition with so many close results bringing the crowd surging to their feet!

The closing ceremony was held in conjunction with the City of Bangkok, the Ministry for Tourism and Sport, the Department of Physical Education and the Amateur Muaythai Association of Thailand along with the world governing body of Amateur Muaythai IFMA. Read More

Day 5: UNESCO, gold medals, and dancing!

2808 muay boran thai team

Muay Boran team getting ready for their contest!

Today we went from the excitement of gold medal fights to the elegance of the Wai Khru with our first ever contest for this important part of our sport. And the day began with an inspiring meeting with UNESCO Bangkok and the signing of a partnerships agreement on youth and education. Read More

Day 4: School visits, the haka and friendship …

New Zealand Haka at school

New Zealand demonstrate the Haka!

Today many of the children took a few hours off to visit local schools and swap gifts and songs. Some really moving moments took place, crossing the language barriers with ease.
Athletes from the five continents travelled to schools around the city bringing cultural gifts. Read More