Youth Development Leagues showing the way for American Muaythai

Up to 300 very young muaythai athletes have taken part this year in Youth Development Leagues across America as part of a grassroots drive to improve standards. The League is promoted by the United States Muaythai Federation, which recently submitted an application to the National Olympic Committee of America for recognition.

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Kyrgyzstan Youth Muaythai

The Kyrgyz Muaythai Championships for Cadets has just finished, as the final competitions took place this weekend in the capital of the Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek.

Competitions were carried out in three age categories: 8-9 years, 10-11 years and 12-13 years old. In total, about 150 of the best youth came from all regions of the Kyrgyz Republic to take part in the competitions. Among them were three female athletes, a great sign for female Muaythai. The winning girl was Saykal Kudayberdiyeva.

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