22. Administration of Drugs, Etc.

22.1     Doping: The administration to an athlete of drugs or chemical substances not forming part of the usual diet of an athlete is prohibited. The doping regulations of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and/or the IFMA Anti-Doping Code shall be applied.

22.2     Penalties: Any athlete or official violating this prohibition shall be liable to disqualification or suspension by IFMA.

22.3     Local Anesthetics: The use of local anesthetics is permitted according to the discretion of a doctor of the Medical Commission.

22.4     Prohibited Drugs: The current WADA list of prohibited substances shall constitute IFMA’s list of prohibited substances. Any athlete taking such substances or any official administering such substances shall be subject to the penalties. IFMA may ban additional substances upon the recommendation of the IFMA Medical Commission.