28. Inter-Nation Trophies or Challenge Cups

28.1    Prizes: In international competitions, cups or prizes of honour may be presented.

28.2    Team Standings: The team standings shall be determined in the following:

28.2.1 The winner of each bout in the preliminary rounds or quarter finals shall receive – 1 mark

28.2.2 The winner of each bout in the semi-finals shall receive –  2 marks

28.2.3 The winner of the final bout shall receive – 3 marks

28.2.4 The marks shall be awarded also reasons a bout cannot take place

28.2.5 In the case of 2 or more teams obtaining an equal number of marks, the placing shall depend on:

– The number of victories in the finals and if this is equal,

– The number of second places, and if this is equal too,

– The number of third places.

28.3     Awarding of Points in Team Competitions:

28.3.1     For every match won, each athlete shall gain two points for their team,

28.3.2     For every match lost, each athlete shall gain one point for their team,

28.3.3     Except in the case of disqualified athletes who shall gain no points.