30. Youth Wai Kru Competition


30.1          Age Categories:

The Youth Wai Kru Competition will be competed in the following 2 age groups:

  • Under 10 years
  • 10 – 13 years


30.2          Draw: Opponents will be randomly drawn.


30.3          Competition Format:

a) Opponents shall perform a Wai Kru demonstration in the ring of no more than 2 minutes.

b) Five judges shall score and award points to the competitors.

c) Points must be awarded: from 9.1 to 10.0.


30.4          Points per section: 4 sections:

a) 0.4 points maximum for quality, perfection and inclusion of fundamental skills of the Wai Kru techniques of muaythai.

b) 0.2 points maximum for power and coordination.

c) 0.2 points maximum for extraordinary techniques including very difficult figures.

d) 0.2 points for proper attire.


30.5          Decision:

a) Five scorecards are collected. Highest and lowest results are rejected. The arithmetic mean of the three results left is the official result.

b) The competitor with the most points will be announced as the winner. If two or more opponents have equal results then the arithmetic mean of all five scorecards is calculated.

These rules shall rescind all previous rules of IFMA.

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