2. Gloves

2.1. Authorised Gloves: Athletes shall wear the gloves which the organiser of the competition has placed at their disposal and which have been approved by the Executive Committee of IFMA. Athletes are not allowed to wear their own gloves.

2.2. Specification: The gloves shall weigh 10 ounces (284 grams) of which the leather portion shall not weigh more than half of the total weight and the padding not less than half the total weight. The padding of the gloves shall not be displaced or broken.  Only clean and serviceable gloves shall be used.

2.3 Procedures for control of IFMA Gloves: IFMA will continue to establish the specification for the manufacture of competitive boxing gloves for IFMA competition.  Manufacturers desiring to obtain IFMA approval for their 10 oz. gloves must submit a sample for inspection by IFMA before receiving final approval by the Executive committee. After the final approval has been received, manufacturers will obtain from IFMA an official stamp or label which must be built into each glove manufactured for use in amateur competition. The IFMA organisation responsible for each competition must use the IFMA approved gloves for that competition; IFMA approves for the IFMA World Championships, the Continental Bureau for Continental Championships and National Federations approve for all competitions under their control unless the responsible IFMA organisation designates a specific manufacturer. The organiser may normally use whatever IFMA approved boxing gloves are most readily available. All boxers in any one bout must wear exactly the same gloves from the same manufacturer.

2.4 IFMA glove supervision: All gloves and bandages shall be fitted under the supervision of 1 or 2 knowledgeable officials appointed for that purpose who will see that all the rules have been strictly adhered to. They will delegate security duties to ensure that all rules are observed until the athletes enter the ring.

2.5 When to remove IFMA gloves: The gloves shall be taken off immediately after the bout is over and before the decision is announced.