14. Judges

14.1 Dress: The judges shall be dressed the same as the referee. Appropriate jackets may be worn when authorised. Eye glasses can be used if required.

14.2 Duties;

14.2.1    Each judge shall independently judge the merits of the 2 contestants and shall decide the winner according to the rules.

14.2.2    A judge shall not speak to a contestant (or competitor. see point 3) or to another judge, nor to anyone else except the referee during the contest, but may, if it is necessary, at the end of a round, bring to the notice of the referee any incident which (the referee) may appear not to have noticed, such as the misconduct of a second, loose ropes etc.

14.2.3    The number of points awarded to each competitor shall be entered by a judge on his/her scoring paper immediately after the end of each round.

14.2.4    At the end of the bout a judge shall total the points, nominate a winner and sign his/her scoring paper and his /her verdict shall be made known to the public.

14.2.5     The judge shall not leave his/her seat until the verdict has been announced to the public.