10. Referees & Judges

10.1 Referee: In the World Championships, World Cup, Continental Championships, Continental Cup and other international tournaments each contest shall be controlled by an IFMA or Continental approved referee who shall officiate in the ring but shall not mark a scoring paper.

10.2 Judges: Each contest shall be marked by either five or three IFMA Judges who shall be seated separately from the public and immediately adjacent to the ring. In the case of five judge system, seating of the judges shall be as in Fig. 9.1. In the case of three judge system, seating of the judges shall be as in Fig. 9.2.



10.3 Neutrality: To ensure neutrality, the names of the referee and the judges for each contest shall be selected by the Panel of Jury in accordance with the following directives:

10.3.1     That each such official shall be an approved referee/judge.

10.3.2     That each such official shall be of different country and association from each other and from each of the athletes taking part in the contest.

10.3.3     That each such official shall not be a national of or resident in any country which is a Dominion, Colony or Dependency of the country of any of the boxers taking part in the contest.

10.3.4     That in the event of a change of country of any official, such official shall not officiate in any contest in which an athlete of his original country is taking part or a referee or judge of that country is acting.

10.3.5     In no case shall more than 2 officials in one and the same contest come from the same continent.

10.3.6     The referees and judges for the finals shall be approved by the Panel of Jury as a whole as being IFMA authorised persons.

10.3.7     In the event of it being impossible for the Panel of Jury to apply the above directives in a particular case they shall resolve the difficulty by ensuring as far as it may be possible the neutrality and impartiality of the officials appointed, and shall report the matter as soon as convenient to the Executive Committee of IFMA or Continental Bureau.

10.3.8     In the event of it being found impossible by the Panel of Jury in any case to comply with the above directives, the name or names of an official or officials may be drawn by lot by the Chairman of the Panel of Jury, or someone acting on his/her behalf, for the contest in question.

10.4 Conflict of interest: Persons acting as referees or judges in any contest or tournament shall not at any time during the same contest or series of contests act as team manager, trainer or second to any athlete or team of athletes taking part in such a contest or series of contests or so act in a contest in which a competitor of their nationality is taking part.
10.5 Disciplinary Action: The Executive Committee of IFMA or Continental Bureau, or its duly authorised representative may, upon the recommendation of the Panel of the Jury, dispense (temporarily or permanently), with the services of any referee who, in its opinion, does not efficiently enforce the rules of IFMA, or any judge whose marking or scoring of contests it considers not to be satisfactory.
10.6 Replacing the referee during the bout: If a referee is incapacitated in the course of a bout, the timekeeper shall strike the gong to stop the bout and the next available neutral referee on the IFMA international list shall be instructed to control the bout and order boxing to be resumed.
10.7 Obligation of attendance: The association of which an international referee/judge selected by the Executive Committee is a member shall be under obligation to send him/her to the World Championships, or Continental Championships to carry out the duties for which he/she has been selected unless such person for adequate reasons personally refuses such invitation. In Nations where the responsibility of financing their teams or similar tournaments are handled by another organisation, that organisation will be responsible to transport and maintain officials selected to the tournaments under their responsibility.